Why working in retail is the worst student job

Just because it doesn’t scan doesn’t mean it’s free

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Lots of students work whilst they study, but retail has to be the worst one out there.

Lack of money

Retail is known to be one of the worst paying jobs, if you don’t work a lot of hours then you’re living off of 20p noodles, if you do then you’re so behind with uni you don’t know what needs doing or when. It’s a lose lose situation really.

Laura, a third year English Lit student disagrees though. She said “bar work is by far worse. I have to work long unsociable hours and the work is dangerous, I smashed a glass the other day and ended up with stitches in my hand.” But don’t bar workers get paid more to deal with the cons of the job, making it worthwhile?


Help me, I’m poor.


Missing out on all the things your friends are doing, they always sound so fun, even though they’re probably not. “Want to go to the cinema tonight?” “I can’t I’m working” “Want to go shopping next week?” “I can’t I’m working.” Eventually they’ll stop asking. No mates for me.

Help me, I'm drowning.

Help me, I’m drowning.

Choice between pretty clothes or a social life

If you work somewhere that actually has nice clothes, even with your staff discount, you will end up spending your full student loan on new clothes, but at least you can sit in your house in nice new clothes because you can’t afford to go out (if you’re not working that is).

so happy with my job

so happy with my job

Instant regret of a night out

After a heavy night drinking trebles the last thing you need is working on a Saturday morning. Add to that the customer that has no receipt, no tags and the item has clearly been worn, yet they still want to return it.

You can tell you’re in for an argument where you have to smile sweetly and try your hardest not to punch them in the throat. All whilst your head is banging and you’re worried about that assignment that’s due in Monday morning that you accidentally forgot about.


Cheap vodka, a poor sales assistant’s favourite drink.

The Boxing Day sale 

And finally everyone’s favourite time of year – Christmas. Its brilliant for everyone else, but for student retail workers it involves working every hour under the sun because your boss thought you didn’t need Christmas staff.

To top that off you have to go home late on Christmas eve to return early Boxing Day to help with the sale, what a lovely little holiday. All whilst enjoying that dreadful Christmas play list that has a screechy cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ on repeat from the moment Halloween ended. Christmas. The most wonderful time of year.