How to create the ultimate library drinking game

It’s the only way to end the year

The end of exam season is nigh, and the time has come to get well and truly slaughtered. Where you gonna go for your end of term session? Digi? Tup? Even the SU? No, of course not. The only logical place to go is the library.

You’ve worked, slept and cried there for the last few months and now it’s time to drink there. Whether you have finished the year or you still have work and just need to drink your way to the end, the library is the place to be.

Where else can you get free entry to an 24 hour venue with private study rooms?

Remember all those library knobs you’ve had to face over exam time? We are talking about you topknot shouting on the phone in the SILENT area. Now it’s time to incorporate them into something beneficial: The ultimate library drinking game.

Like a bar crawl, you must move through the library and have a drink on every floor, follow these simple rules to achieve optimum drunkenness.


1. You spot an annoying library couple fondling each other, never to be separated even in the library: you must feed and be fed your drink by your friend.

2. Two fingers if you see your library bae.

3. Three fingers if you talk to library bae.

4. Four fingers if you talk to library bae and they don’t ignore you/look at you like you are crazy.


5. Two shots when someone talks in the silent area.

6. Two shots when you hear someone on the phone.

7. You hear a motivational playlist through someone’s crappy headphones: have a shot and sing along.

8. You spot the wanker with the bag of crisps as they crunch with happy disregard for everyone in their vicinity: down your drink.


9. Facebook filling someone’s computer screen? Taking time out to watch YouTube? Waterfall until they get back to work.

10. No printer credits? Have to nick your friends? Steal their drink too.

11. Someone’s printer doesn’t work and they leave empty handed: one finger (this has potential to ruin your liver, it happens a lot.)


12. Someone asleep on their desk? Do a jagerbomb.

13. You see someone eating a three course meal at their desk: take a drink for every bite. Also sharing is caring, so if you manage to steal a bite off them, share a drink with your mate.

14. You have to pay your library fine before you can take another book out: a finger for every pound you owe.

15. For every top knotted male you see, drink the top of your pint.

16. Forget a pen? May as well forget everything else: have two shots.

Happy drinking you studious bunch.