Someone had to say it: Girls should get more student loan

What do you think?

This is not a feminist rant, but…

It’s a simple fact girls have to pay more than boys to live and look after ourselves. Should that entitle us to a tiny bit more of a maintenance loan?

Funding a female body doesn’t come cheap, so should there be a special girl’s grant?

We asked some of Northumbria’s finest whether they thought the glass roof should broken on the old student loan.

Zowie, Fresher Criminology and Forensic Science


“Yes we need more of a loan, we’re girls. If I’m expected to look the way most girls do with the hair, make up and nails then there should be more funding for it.”

Helena, Third year Sociology


“I don’t think girls need more loan. I’m a girl and I don’t get that.”

Rea, Third year Sociology


“I don’t think that’s a good idea because it’s about preference. We don’t have to wear make up. Boys have things they need too.”

Piatha, Third year Law


“Girls shouldn’t get more loan at all. If we’re always trying to focus on equality for women it would be a step backwards. Surely we should all be entitled to the same?”

Bejal, Second year Biomedical ScienceBejal

“I don’t think we need a bigger loan. We generally all have the same needs and it should be more focussed on study.”

Peter, Second year International Business Management with Spanish


“If I was presented with a really strong, planned argument I’d have to consider it. But I think a bigger priority is lowering fees for everyone before loans are considered for either sexes.”

Nkechi, Master’s Business Information Studies


“Girls shouldn’t be entitled to more of a loan. What about equal opportunities?”

Tom, Second year Business Management

“That’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s just sexist.”

Shantell, Second year Business Management


“I don’t agree with that either. It would be going backwards if anything.”

So despite the fact we wipe more, boys don’t have to buy bras and the devastating reality Levi’s 501 jeans are £90 for women but only £70 for men, our student body doesn’t really think ladies need more dollar.