Tear up the rulebook, not all Christians at uni are non-drinking preachers

Yes I do drink and yes I still go out

You won’t see me standing outside of the Metro station trying to give you a leaflet about The Good Book.

Honestly, I’ve got better things to do too. I’m a Christian and I’m proud of it.

University is said to be a place where personal boundaries are tested and you learn the most about yourself, figuring out just who you want to be in the world.

Whenever I tell anyone I’m a Christian I get looks of confusion and slight horror, but am I really that different just because of what I believe in?

I can still have fun too.

I can still have fun too.

I don’t refer to my bible every twenty seconds and I’m certainly not going to scream “you must believe!”  I just believe that there is a God who made me and created me for a purpose.

I was brought up in a Christian home, and seeing as my Dad is a minister it meant from an early age church featured heavily in my life. I was brought up with a strong Christian ethos, but I was never forced to go to any services or be anyone I didn’t want to be.

It doesn't mean I don't know how to party either

It doesn’t mean I don’t know how to party either

I spent a lot of my childhood surrounded by friends from church and I had a second “godly” family who looked out for me. Plus anyone who’s ever been to a church even knows Jacobs joints are the best. Everyone brings food and you get to eat all of it for free – what’s not to love about free food?

Though, let’s be honest. I’ve always been set with a heavy load of expectations being the child of a preacher man. I’m constantly met with quips of “But Chanel, you don’t look very Christian.” I was unaware we had a uniform – I’m a fashion student too.

Christian with a passion for fashion

Christian with a passion for fashion

I’m also regularly approached myself with good people trying to convert me – and extremists like this scare me too. The community that I’m part of still allows me to have a normal life.

At least one day a week, I spend time with people who walk along the same journey as me. They support me not only with our faith, but in my every day life as well.

It’s a blessing to know that there are people who support you and cheer you on when life gets hard.

Of course, I get the questions: “So you mustn’t go out then?” and “Do you just stay at home and pray all the time?”

I still go out, I’m still a student who can be found out on the Toon dancing the night away and busting out some truly awful moves. You won’t find me skipping a flat party or pre’s anytime soon.

Gals night out, Christian and what?

Gals night out, Christian and what?

On a Sunday you won’t find me in bed suffering from a hangover, coz I’ll be livin’ it up with the Lord in church.

I’ve met so many amazing people through church and we aren’t all stereo typical Christians. People all walk different journeys of life and the fact that I believe in a God who can guide me through everything.

Being a Christian doesn’t stop you from living your life or confine you to the four walls of a church. It’s a relationship with your faith and what you believe.