Hapless fresher threatened with legal action over unpaid library fines

He owes almost £200 in late fees and faces bailiffs knocking on his door

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When keen fresher David Cundill started his Business and Marketing Management degree, he could never have imagined the nightmare to follow.

The eager 19-year-old began his studies and started checking out books from the library like everyone else — but it wasn’t long before he was slapped with a LEGAL NOTICE for his £188.18 of outstanding late fees.

Stunned David has been threatened with visits from bailiffs for borrowing and failing to return books from Northumbria library.

Not ideal

The unlucky first year explained how he was able to rack up such an impressive fine.

The Voodoo club promoter said: “I didn’t even realise we got fines to be fair.

“I got the books out in the first or second week of term but then I stopped going to Uni.

“I had absolutely no correspondence. Then I had one email on the 23rd December to bring them back.

“But it was two days before Christmas so I wasn’t even in Newcastle. Then I got back in January and completely forgot.”

He's not happy

Unlucky David

He made the grievous mistake of borrowing items like the highly sought-after seven day loan books.

These treasures come with a 20p daily charge and a maximum of £20 per book.

As we revealed last week, greedy Northumbria already pocketed £32,000 in fines over the last three years.

David, who can be seen regularly strutting the Pink Triangle, explained after the initial contact a letter landed on his halls’ doormat warning him he had 10 days to cough up before the uni took legal action — or they would send in the heavies to collect the debt.

Not a care in the world ... little did he know

Not a care in the world … little did he know

He said: “I’m fucking pissed off. I’ve heard nothing from them for three months until I got the letter a couple of days ago.

“Yes, I understand it’s my fault for forgetting to take them back but it’s gone from one email to final debt collection.

“If I’d have got a letter saying I had one more chance to bring them back and then it’s going to go further, then fair enough.

“But I’ve had no contact from them from December to March.”

Disenchanted with his studies, now David manages a call centre while he decides whether stick with higher education and continue his degree.

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