Weekly Nightlife Guide

New to Newcastle? The Tab’s guide to nightlife in the Toon is here.

Here’s our guide to the big ones and the alternatives.


The Big One: Social Butterfly @ Perdu


Cheap drinks, chart sounds and the most sociable smoking area in Newcastle. You will be captured by one of the photographers so no selfies needed.

Price: £5 Guestlist (write on their Facebook event wall), £6 normal.

Drinks: £2.10 doubles all night, £1.95 Jagerbombs

Music: Chart/RnB/Hip Hop

Doors: 10.30pm – 3.00am

The Alternative: Off The Record @ The Cut


Take it back to the ‘good old days’ and get on your dancing shoes. Entry is via an almost vertical flight of stairs. I’d avoid heels.

Price: £5 Guestlist, £6 normal

Drinks: £2 doubles, £1 Jagerbombs

Music: Room 1: Hip Hop/Funk/Soul. Room 2: Motown/Disco

Doors: 11.00pm – 3.00am


The Big One: Waikiki @ Floritas/House of Smith/Madam Koos


Spread across 3 venues on Collingwood Street with 3 different sounds in each. You’re bound to lose who you went out with then bump into everyone else you know.

Price: £4 Guestlist, £5 Normal

Drinks: £2.50 doubles

Music: House/RnB/Chart

Doors: 10.00pm – 3.00am

The Alternative: Ill Behaviour @ Cosmic Ballroom


Tuesday’s are the new Friday at Cosmic. Oh, and Aspers Casino is right across the road if you’re feeling lucky…

Price: £5 Guestlist, £7 Normal

Drinks: £1.20 house spirits/beers/VKs before 12, £2.20 after

Music: Main room: Bass/House/Garage. Boudoir: Hip Hop/90’s RnB/Party Jams

Doors: 10.00pm – 3.00am


The Big One: REHAB @ Bambu


The Posh might have sacked off their official sports night, but Bambu remains the host for ours. It may be free for our Poly’s Sport Teams but if like me you have a failed attempt at blagging your way in being a Snowsports member (turns out they’re not an actual team, just do the best socials) then don’t worry, Sambucas are still £1.25 for everyone.

Price: Free for BUCS members, £4 Guestlist, £5 Normal

Drinks: £2 doubles for BUCS members. £1.50 Jagerbombs, £1.25 Sambuca

Music: Cheese/ Pop/ Indie/ House/ Dance/ Hip Hop

Doors: 10.30pm – 3.00am

The Other Big One: Fraternity @ Legends


A bit of shameless Tab promo…

Unofficial sports night for both the Poly and the Posh so it’s time to put your differences aside. And don’t wear your best shoes to Legends. Ever.

Price: £4 with Freshers bands, £5 Guestlist, £6 Normal

Drinks: £2 doubles

Music: Main room: Commercial/RnB/Chat. Room 2: Electro/Dubstep/Drum ‘n’ Bass

Doors: 10.00pm – 4.00am

And if sports nights aren’t your thing…

The Alternative: Shake @ The Cut

the cut

Shake it like Beyonce at this mid-week party. And don’t forget to pick up your old school disposable pics the following Wednesday.

Price: around £5

Drinks: £2.50 doubles

Music: Party Hip Hop/Booty Pop/Classic RnB

Doors: 11.00pm – 3.00am


The Big One: Black Light @ Legends

black light

I think most have suffered a ‘Black Light Black Out’… being across the road from the trebles cave that is Basement might have something to do with it. Who knows.

Price: £5 Guestlist, £6 Normal

Drinks: £2 doubles (£2.50 after 12)

Music: Main room: house music. Room 2: mix of Hip Hop, Garage, RnB and Drum and Bass.

Doors: 10.30pm – 4.00am

The Other Big One: LoveDough @ Tup Tup


Everyone from Drake to Ed Sheeran has made an appearance at Tup Tup in the past. So dress to impress because you can almost always guaranteed to see a celeb in their VIP area.

Price: £4 Guestlist, £6 Normal

Drinks: £3 doubles

Music: Chart/RnB/House

Doors: 11.00pm – 3.00am

The Alternatives: The Cluny/ Head of Steam

the cluny

Both venues have various gigs running throughout the year. Great places to see acts in an intimate setting.

Price and times vary, see listings.


The Big One: Full Moon, Riverside

full moon

Bringing Thailand to the Toon in the form of fire dancers, UV paint and the all important Thai cocktail buckets. A similar climate can’t be promised but held at one of Newcastle’s largest clubs, that Full Moon frenzied atmosphere can.

Price: £5 Guestlist, £6 normal

Drinks: £5 cocktail buckets

Music: 2 rooms offering either Commercial House/Electro or RnB and Hip Hop

Doors: 10.30pm – 3.00am

The Alternative: The World HQ Uplifting Groove @ World Headquarters


Every Friday their resident DJ Tommy takes over playing the best of his record collection for 5 hours. See it as the house party you don’t have to clean up afterwards.

Price: £5 before 11.30pm, £6 members, £7 normal

Music: Disco/Motown/Gospel/African/Funk/Soul/Reggae… the list goes on!

Doors: 10.00pm – 4.00am


Koosday @ Northumbria SU, Domain


Koosday is back and it’s moved to our very own SU at Domain! In a perfect vicinity to most halls, it’s time to celebrate what Northumbria has to offer outside of lectures.

Drinks: £2.50 doubles

Music: Chart/Pop/Indie/RnB

Doors: 10.00pm  – 3.00am

LOVE @ Digital

love saturdays

Weekends are a whole different ball game in Newcastle: the prices go up and the stag/hen parties invade. So, plan your prinks earlier than usual to avoid ending up in a queue like the above. LOVE itself plays host to a mix of all genres so you’ll find yourself wandering from old school Weezer anthems to a room full of people fist pumping to Don’t You Worry Child.

Price: Free with wristband, £6 Guestlist, £7 normal

Drinks: £2.10 doubles all night, £1.95 Jagerbombs

Music: Indie/Old School/House/RnB… a mix of everything!

Doors: 11.00pm – 4.00am


The Alternative: Spy Bar @ Osborne Road

spy bar

If you haven’t already, then familiarising yourself with Osborne Road in Jesmond is a must! Sack off the pre-Monday blues with Spy Bar’s 5 – close happy hour every Sunday.

Entry: Free

Drinks: £3.50 doubles (chance of 2 4 1, half price or free on the buzzer game)

Music: A mix of everything

Doors: 12 midday – 10.30pm Sundays

The Big One: Persistence @ Tup Tup Palace


If the buzzer game gets out of hand and you’re up for a Sunday session then there’s Tup Tup’s 100% house takeover. They offer cheaper entry to those workers amongst us, so if you’ve already scored yourself a job, there’s still somewhere for you to party after hours.

Price: £4 Guestlist, £5 normal

Drinks: £3 doubles

Music: 100% House Music

Doors: 11.00pm – 3.00am