An online scam targeting Newcastle uni has tricked students into handing over thousands of pounds

A fake website is offering up degrees at the uni

Bar Blanc are offering a free glass of champagne to all Newcastle and Northumbria graduates

They’re also doing £2 cinema Sundays

The Architects are having a free party tomorrow for their degree show

They’ve got free drinks from StuBrew and burgers from The Grind.

Newcastle’s BNOC 2017: The Winner

Your votes have been counted and verified

Here are all the events happening at the end of term in Newcastle

Say goodbye to exams and hello to summer

THE FINAL: Newcastle’s BNOC of the year

You want to be all of them

BNOC of the Year: Group 3

Those who strut around campus

Everyone’s going to go crazy for Newcastle’s new dog cafe

Dog and Scone opens on Saturday

BNOC of the Year: Group 2

Don’t you just want to be them?

97 & Social are having a free day party on Sunday

There’s even going to be a BBQ

What’s on: Newcastle Bank Holiday Weekend

Big up the Toon!

BNOC of the Year: Group 1

Exam procrastination

Trains from Newcastle to London are on offer for £10


There’s a vigil being held at Monument in honour of the Manchester terror attack

It’s at 6pm

Students evacuated from Old Library building after fire engines called

Burn baby burn

Every way to get your one night stand to commit

Or is it just a hit-and-run?

Living with OCD: the dictator of the mind

An ode to misconstrued matter

The films which gave us unrealistic expectations of university

The parties won’t be that good, I promise…