Basshunter returns for Freshers’ Week performance

It’s all I ever wanted

What’s on: Newcastle Freshers’ Week

Welcome back to the TOON

A definitive guide to your first term at Newcastle

You’ll study hard, party harder and learn to withstand sub-zero temperatures.


Newcastle is officially the rowdiest uni

One in 10 antisocial behaviour incidents are from Newcastle

Tiger Tiger offers a free meal to all those running the Great North Run

The race is this Sunday

There is a Geordie Shore casting being held in Bijoux this Thursday

Why aye man

Love Island stars Dom and Marcel are coming to Newcastle

Fresh start to Freshers’

Bar Blanc are offering a free glass of champagne to all Newcastle and Northumbria graduates

They’re also doing £2 cinema Sundays

The Architects are having a free party tomorrow for their degree show

They’ve got free drinks from StuBrew and burgers from The Grind.

Newcastle’s BNOC 2017: The Winner

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Science says your mean friend probably only wants what is best for you

Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen

Here are all the events happening at the end of term in Newcastle

Say goodbye to exams and hello to summer

THE FINAL: Newcastle’s BNOC of the year

You want to be all of them

BNOC of the Year: Group 3

Those who strut around campus

Everyone’s going to go crazy for Newcastle’s new dog cafe

Dog and Scone opens on Saturday

BNOC of the Year: Group 2

Don’t you just want to be them?

97 & Social are having a free day party on Sunday

There’s even going to be a BBQ

What’s on: Newcastle Bank Holiday Weekend

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