It’s the final: Vote for Newcastle’s BNOC of the year

Who wins? You decide

It’s time to crown the winner of the Newcastle BNOC of the year 2022 by voting down below. From 13 amazing candidates, you’ve narrowed it down to the final three and it was very close between those who made it through.

So well done to those nominees, you’re all BNOCs in our eyes.

Meet your final three:

Ben Landon, third year, Chemical Engineering

Ben argues a good case for why he should receive the crown, proving that not all Southerners are prats: he’s “a hard working dosser, from Surrey but not a tosser, either in the lab or having a fag”. He’s got the looks, the charm, and most importantly, the chat. And he can pull off a cheeky rhyme. He’s an all round sound guy, but what do you think – is Ben worthy of your vote and to be crowned Newcastle’s BNOC 2022?

Bex Lynch, fourth year, International Politics

Ever met a woman who can do it all? Bex is your living, breathing proof that you can study a Masters degree, work full time and still have a booming social life. She’s worked at Blanc for two years, yet you’re more likely to see her chatting up rugby boys than pulling pints – but that’s all part of her charm. She’s got a first class degree in chopping trebs at Shaker and Soho – she’s the complete Newcastle student and an exemplary BNOC candidate.

When asked for comment, she said: “Vote for me for BNOC so I don’t feel as bad for failing my masters degree and can put that on my CV instead”. We love a dedicated queen.

Sophie Burden, third year, Mathematics

The absolute number one comment we received about Sophie was that she’s possibly the nicest person you’ll ever meet. She’s there for you, rain or shine, pulls off an excellent fancy dress, yet has questionable interests – imagine studying maths, gross. Despite this, she parties like an agric, studies like a medic and drinks like a fish. When asked why she should be crowned this year’s BNOC we were told “She’s an angel from heaven. She is the kindest person ever and is absolutely hilarious on a night out. She’s like a fun aunt to us all, wise but equally wild. You’d be crazy not to vote for her”. Is this enough to win her the ultimate title?

Ultimately, their fate lies in your hands. Vote now using the form below and on our Instagram story @thetabnewcastle to have your say.

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