Round one: Vote for Newcastle’s BNOC now

It’s here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, It’s time to vote for your BNOC out of our first group of nominees

Down below we have the first lot of nominees fighting it out to become Newcastle BNOC of the year 2022.

There are five nominees, the person with the most votes via the form below and on our instagram story @thetabnewcastle will go forward to the final and battle it out against the round two and three winner.

You’re bound to recognise these familiar faces, but let us introduce them and their famous legacies as our 2022 BNOC nominees.

Emma Farnsworth, third year Marine Biology

Dubbed the life of the party, third year Emma is top tier BNOC material. You’re most likely to find her in Blanc or Soho as multiple sources claim she’s always ‘up for it’. Extra points for her being unable to walk down Osbourne Road without getting stopped.

Bex Lynch, fourth year International Politics

Bex is the living proof that life as a postgrad doesn’t have to be boring. Rivalling Emma, she’s considered the face of Bar Blanc and summarised in three words as chaotic, chatty and friendly.

Jack Lloyd, second year Marketing

Our first second year to make it through to the next round. If you study Marketing or live in Jesmond, you’re bound to know Jack; described as funny, loveable and knowing everyone, obviously.

Alex Manea, first year Medicine

First year Med student Alex is the funny, annoying course mate you’ve all grown to love. A big personality and a proper team player, he’s always running course information lectures. You can’t not like him.

Imogen Thompson, third year Earth Science

Imogen exudes big personality vibes, known in West Jes as Imo and with an intact ability to chat shite to anyone. She’s confident, funny and opinionated – and most notably, she’s from Yorkshire but sounds like she’s from Kent.

Find the form below and get voting people.