Jesmond resident who poured disinfectant on urinating men praised in ASB Facebook group

Because how else would you try to calm tensions over local anti-social behaviour, if not by committing minor assault?

A recent post in a local residents’ Facebook group has received popular support after gloating about abusing other residents, even though the group being dedicated to fighting anti-social behaviour.

The now-deleted post, in End ASB in Jesmond, detailed how an angry resident saw two men urinating in public and admitted to pouring a “nice bucket of disinfectant over both of them”. The post was then met with praise by commenters writing “good work” “absolutely brilliant” and “you’ve made my night”

One commenter blamed a similar incident on students with no evidence for doing so saying, “I know it’s not all students but these past couple of years its got much worse. When do they leave for the summer?”

The original author went on to brag saying “I feel so good” and joked in another comment that they always had a bucket “ready at the gate, I’ve just never been quick enough” implying the incident was premeditated.

A selection of some of the comments encouraging the original poster

Admins of the group take a hands off approach, specifically stating in their group rules that they moderate as little as possible, which begs the question how much group admins really care about other rules like “no hate speech or bullying” and “be kind and courteous”. Having said that, since this post was brought to the attention of admins it has been removed.

Three months ago, The Newcastle Tab exposed the group for a range of online abuse directed towards students. One student member of the Facebook group told us the level of abuse has remained unchanged, if not got worse, since the original article was published.

The student, who’s a member of the closed group, said she feels unable to speak out because of hostility to students: “It makes me feel very ostracised and as if I shouldn’t live in Jesmond despite having lived here for four years. I’ve had issues previously with neighbours so I know how frustrating it can be but to say that all students are the problem is just wrong.

“In general the group is very anti-student although they claim not to be. Very few posts don’t have a link to students in some way… I feel like I can’t speak up on behalf of students within the group because whenever someone does they get many members jumping on them and criticising their point of view”.

Members of the group, also attacked previous Newcastle Tab writers for their work reporting on the matter. Accusations were made that writer Grace Piercy “puts the feminist movement back about 50 years!” one commenter branded her a “student rag” and another said that the article was “Gaslighting at its most obvious”.

The Newcastle Tab approached all the admins of End ASB in Jesmond for comment, however they’ve declined to comment.

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