What your go-to Jesmond girl summer look says about you

It’s officially time to start preparing your summer fits

Summer is fast approaching, so it’s officially time to start preparing your summer fits. Here’s a list of different Jesmond-girl summer looks, and what they say about you.

The North Face puffer girl

The North Face puffer jacket is arguably the most tell-tale sign of a Jesmond girl. She is armed with it wherever she goes, and never fails to frequent the Newcastle streets without her coat of armour. You know straight away if this is your go-to Jesmond girl summer look if you are okay with the idea of making yourself physically uncomfortable in the name of fashion. North Face puffer girls in summer, enter the chat.

Regardless of the fact that it’s over twenty degrees outside (fingers crossed), the North Face puffer girls will not be taking off their jackets anytime soon. Sweat city, here we come. But the thing is, it seems that these jackets go way deeper than simply fashion. A North Face is a staple of the Jesmond-girl identity, a lifestyle if you will. If that means wearing your jacket in summer, so be it. Don’t worry girl, everyone will be jealous when the sun goes in and it quickly drops to 12 degrees – it is the UK after all. You’ll be the one laughing then.

The floral dress girl

Flowery dresses are symbolic of the innocent friend who always has her shit together. The sun is here and it’s time to pull out the floral mini dress you have stored somewhere in the back of your wardrobe. You probably ordered it from ASOS and it probably got delivered to your neighbour; we’ve all been there. The floral mini dress girl is most definitely a rosé drinker, so the odds of her being a lightweight are also high. Throw on an oversized denim jacket for those chillier evenings and you’re good to go for that summer bev on Osborne Road, followed by a cheeky trip to Saino’s for a £5 bottle of Echo Falls.

The die-hard VSCO girl

VSCO girls reigned our streets and screens almost two years ago, but you’re not prepared to let go just yet. This summer you’re rocking the oversized tee, and to be honest – we don’t blame you. A perfect staple on a sunny day, the oversized tee can be equally styled up and down. Shine with accessories; go full-on VSCO girl with a scrunchie and sandals, or pair with literally anything else and you’ll still look great.

The oversized tee gives us big Tynemouth vibes, and this girl is a definite frequenter of Longsands. Oversized t-shirt girls know that comfort is key and don’t let the sunshine get in the way of that. Normally found with a tinny in hand, VSCO girls just know how to have fun.

The leather-look girl

Oh, the leather jacket wearer – you thrive in the sun and love all things summer. You probably did a gap-yah, saving elephants in Thailand. A sunny Jesmond day is a perfect opportunity for you to get out the trusty leather jacket. Undoubtedly paired with a bandana and some Nike Tekno’s you “copped” from Depop and you are ready to go. Accompanied, no doubt, by your baccy and retro sunnies, you can take on the sunny Jesmond day with ease.

The classic crop-top-and-jeans combo girl

It’s a classic, and you don’t mind. Like a favourite mug or a comfort movie, the crop top and jeans combo is a timeless look that has never let you down – so why stop now? After all – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Like an old friend, the crop-top-and-jeans look is something you can always rely on, and you’re prepared to take the “basic” comments because you know it looks good.

A tried and tested outfit that can be turned to eternally, the crop top and jeans combo is a definite fave of Jesmond girls during the summer (though a true Newcastle student braves a crop-top in all weather, rain or shine). Whether you’re pairing the trusty crop top with wide-legs or skinnies is a whole other debate. Either way, you look good and you know it.

The rugby shirt girl

Now, there are two options here. You could be a classic Jesmond rah, likely from Down South, potentially liable to think that liking rugby and necking pints is a personality trait. You throw on your striped rugby shirt and you’re ready for a Jesmond summer day, probably spent at Blanc or Spy.

Alternatively, it is a very different story. You’ve chucked on the rugby shirt of the lad you woke up next to after a heavy day-drinking session. All findings point to this option – it’s hot girl summer after all, am I right ladies?

The long skirt girl

You’re the fashionista of your friendship group, and a sunny day only means one thing: catwalk time. It’s hot outside and you’ve skimmed through your wardrobe and pulled out four different midi skirts in various prints and patterns. Being the fashionable friend is a full-time position, and sunny days are no exception. Maybe you opt for the leopard print, maybe the satin block colour. Either way, you’re throwing on your midi skirt and know you look fire. Probably paired with your battered Air Force 1s and a tote bag, you’re ready for a bin-ally barbecue or an aesthetic picnic on Town Moor. Oh, and you will definitely get an Insta pic.

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