Which RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen are you based on your Newcastle uni halls?

UK Hun?

If the highlight of your week isn’t Thursday night’s new Drag Race episode, you don’t know what life’s about. Whether you’re a Bimini Stan (who isn’t?!) or you prefer comedy queen Lawrence Chaney, we’re here to tell you which queen fits you best based on your choice of uni halls.

The View – Tayce

The View is expensive, modern and stylish – just like Tayce. You spend a lot of money to live here, just like Tayce spends on her hair, and it’s all for the aesthetics. When it comes down to it, you can lip-sync “Memory” and win against any other accom to prove your superiority.

Via @itstayce on Instagram

Castle Leazes – Tia Kofi

Castle Leazes and Tia Kofi have a lot in common – neither is the most polished option, they’re both affordable and if you choose to live in Castle Leazes, you most likely only live there for the big parties and social life, rather than an Instagramable room. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Oh, and like Tia Kofi, if you live in Leazes you’re definitely from London (if you’re from Surrey and pretend you’re from London, you count too).

Via @tiakofi on Instagram

Park View – Lawrence Chaney

If you live in Park View, you’re Lawrence Chaney. You’ve picked the most popular choice and you know it. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – you’re loud, funny and love a party. It’s also likely that like Lawrence, you love to be the centre of attention which is why you chose an accommodation bang in the middle of campus.

Via @lawrencechaney on Instagram

Liberty Living – Bimini Bon Boulash

Whichever Liberty Living accom you live in, you’re Bimini. Similar to the Lawrence Chaneys of Newcastle, you’ve made a popular choice however, just like Bimini you’re edgier and cooler because you’ve chosen to go private. You’re a great all-rounder and a clear front runner in your social circles and can produce an on-point Katy Price impression on demand. Oh, and you’re probs vegan.

Via @biminibabes on Instagram

Nido – A’Whora

Anyone who lives in a Nido accom is A’Whora, without a doubt. Like The View, Nido is stylish and expensive but Nido’s Ouseburn location gives it that edgier, editorial side just like A’Whoras’ runway looks. If you don’t do your tipsy walk to Munchies dressed as a giant bag of chips, we’re very disappointed.

Via @awhora on Instagram

Turner Court – Ellie Diamond

Although both Turner Court and Ellie Diamond have looks in their favour, with Ellie’s runways keeping her safe and Turner Court being a pretty and modern accommodation, neither are anyone’s first choice and are both pretty forgettable. Sorry.

Via @elliediamondofficial on Instagram

Bowsden Court – Joe Black

It’s homey and comfortable so like Joe you’re a little old school and are just here for a good time. Ultimately though, Bowsden Courts’ South Gosforth location is just too far away for it to ever win the race for first choice, even when it’s brought back twice. Glen Close with no cig-ar.

Via @misterjoeblack on Instagram

iQ – Sister Sister

Just like iQ, Sister Sister gets some hate but is ultimately an okay-ish choice. You’re quirky, and don’t always follow the crowd – unless you’re copying A’Whora’s runway look.

Via @officialsistersister on Instagram

Feature Image via @dragraceukbbc on Instagram

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