The top seven things Newcastle students are manifesting for Summer 2021

The countdown to trebs is well and truly on

As well as giving our friends and family a huge squeeze, we have so much to get excited about this summer now Boris has announced that the end is in sight. Us Newcastle students have been stripped of what we do best (treb drinking) and it’s about time we get back to it. Here are seven things students of the Toon are manifesting this summer – they couldn’t come soon enough.

Tynemouth beach day

Who needs Ibiza when we have sunny Tynemouth less than ten miles away?! The best pre-Covid days were spent on the packed beach playing games, music playing and tinnies in hand – we cannot wait to have days like this again this summer. Cue the endless beach pics and “it didn’t even feel that hot” sunburns! 

Treb O’Clock

It is a simple fact that Newcastle students drink trebs as if it’s an Olympic sport and for over a year now we have been treb-free – it’s been tough. On a daily basis, we daydream of that mystery blue goodness that we love so dearly, manifesting our way to Market Shaker’s bar. This summer will bring the return of the treb and our livers have never been more ready.

Pints on Osborne Road

The thought of all of us sitting outside Blanc with pints in our hands seems like a pipe dream at this point but we are manifesting that come April we will all be doing just that. With table bookings already open and drinks competitions in full swing, you best believe that pub crawls will be our exercise of choice this summer. We have some serious time to make up for. 

Watching the sunrise

Tynemouth beach is home to one of the best sunrises and as soon as summer hits it would be criminal not to go and see it. If you can get past the 5am alarm and the early morning drive, watching the sunrise would be the most wholesome summer morning. Pack your flasks of coffee, blankets and cameras – bonus points for an early morning dip!

Being able to “pop” into Tesco

If you have lived in Newcastle through lockdown you will be fully aware that a “quick” trip to Tesco is an activity that fills a whole afternoon and the one-in, one-out queue resembles a modern version of Noah’s Ark. We are manifesting a time where we can “pop” in to buy some milk and buy our meal deals mask-free without the beady eyes of a security guard on us. When summer arrives and Corona departs, the queue for Tesco will still haunt us all. 

Sunbathing in the Dene

Our favourite Newcastle haven, Jesmond Dene, never fails to deliver in the summer months. As soon as the sun is out, we will be grabbing our friends and heading to the waterfall for the perfect tanning spot. However, as pretty as the Dene is, it is likely that a summer walk through the trees will trigger some PTSD from the countless loops you walked there in lockdown. 

“A Table for ten please”

There is only so much pesto pasta or chicken stir fry one can eat (granted, it’s a large amount), so restaurants – we need you back. If you do not order five courses, every side dish and 12 cocktails, you are not doing it right. We are manifesting a summer of “to sit in please” or “a table for 10 please”. With all the eating out that will be happening, bikini bodies are a write-off.  

Hold tight, the end is well and truly in sight. Repeat after me, this summer WILL be the best we’ve ever had and my bank account WILL be empty by the end of it.

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