We came up with 100 Newcastle-related Never Have I Evers so you don’t have to

Don’t pretend you’ve never been drunk in your 9am

We know that finding inspo for playing drinking games with your housemates during Covid times has been a bore, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Complete with guaranteed nostalgia, here are 100 Newcastle themed ‘Never Have I Evers’ to kickstart your lockdown pres. If you’re really hard, down your drink if you get five in a row – good luck!

1. Drank a blue treb

2. Been kicked out of any club

3. Fallen down Soho stairs

4. Paid a bouncer to get into a club

5. Snogged a stranger in Greys Club

6. Taken your top off in Flares

7. Stroked a cow in Leazes Field

8. Shagged in Castle Leazes

9. Taken a picture at the waterfall in Jesmond Dene

10. Walked home after a night out

11. Had a slice of pizza from Toon Express

12. Been turned away from Soho

13. Changed clothes and re-tried getting into a club after being kicked out

14. Did a wee in the queue to a club

15. Been to a Digi rave

16. Been sick on the diamond strip

17. Queued more than 40 minutes to get into Oops

18. Been to a 9am still drunk from the night before

19. Been in a Zoom seminar whilst still in bed

20. Accidentally spoken whilst you’re on mute

21. Spoken out loud when you thought you were on mute

22. Had a Robbo crush

23. Done an all-nighter in the Robbo

24. Been on the uni ski trip

25. Been to a £2 Tuesday in Jesmond

26. Attended a sports social

27. Had a photoshoot in front of the Monument

28. Been to the Quayside Spoons

29. Done a bottomless brunch at Slug and Lettuce or Turtle Bay

30. Shagged a flatmate or housemate (don’t do it!)

31. Shagged a poly

32. Received a fine from Covid marshals

33. Ran away from Covid marshals

34. Done a house/flat bar crawl

35. Queued more than 10 minutes to get into Tesco

36. Wasted your money in Waitrose

37. Had your card declined on a night out

38. Tested positive for corona

39. Snogged a fresher when you’re a third-year

40. Snogged a third-year when you’re a fresher

41. Slept in a flat in your block that isn’t yours

42. Got an injury on a night out

43. Been to the RVI for said injury

44. Got a picture in front of a neon sign in Market Shaker

45. Dropped/spilt a full round of trebs

46. Met one of Geordie Shore’s cast members

47. Been kicked out of a taxi on the way back from a night out

48. Called your lecturer ‘mum’ or ‘dad’

49. Put an ‘x’ at the end of an email to your lecturer

50. Used corona as an excuse to submit a PEC form

51. Cried in the Robbo

52. Put your Apple Watch/Fitbit on a workout on a night out

53. Changed your background on Zoom

54. Joined a Zoom with an embarrassing name from your last Zoom quiz

55. Rented a hot tub

56. Snogged someone with a mullet

57. Got a mullet

58. Got fined on the Metro

59. Got the metro from West Jesmond to Jesmond

60. Been drunk on the metro

61. Visited Tynemouth beach

62. Slept through a 9am Zoom seminar

63. Shagged during a Zoom seminar

64. Shagged in the Robbo toilets

65. Gone the wrong way through the Robbo’s one-way system

66. Used your housemate for their car

67. Stolen your housemate’s food

68. Used your housemate’s toothbrush

69. Been sick in a bin in your room

70. Wet the bed after a night out

71. Had a wee in the sink of your room/bathroom

72. Had an argument with a housemate

73. Heard your housemate shagging

74. Ran out of underwear so bought new ones

75. Been to the Angel of the North

76. Had more than one Greggs in a day

77. Got lost in the Armstrong building

78. Taken a picture of Newcastle’s bridges whilst on the train

79. Visited The Baltic

80. Been to The Gate

81. Got lost in Eldon Square

82. Stopped to listen to the man playing the trumpet on Northumberland Street

83. Queued for Fenwick’s Christmas display

84. Been to the Christmas light switch on

85. Witnessed a fight in the city centre

86. Bought fruit and veg from Grainger Market

87. Set the fire alarm off in your house

88. Been to the New Croft Centre

89. Got the morning after pill

90. Been told to take your mask off by bouncers for identification purposes

91. Pretended to sign in to track and trace

92. Added someone on Snapchat on a night out who you’ve never spoken to again

93. Bought chewing gum in a club toilet

94. Pretended to be sick to avoid the Market Shaker toilet queue

95. Danced on the pole in Soho

96. Been in the Sinners cage

97. Rescued a drunk stranger on a night out

98. Got burnt by a cig in the Swingers tunnel

99. Taken a family member to Bijoux

100. Been featured on Mr Oops’ Twitter page

To all the freshers reading this and wishing for a famous Newcastle night out, never fear. With the vaccine on the horizon, if you haven’t done most of these now, you soon will. To veteran third years: good luck with your hangover tomorrow.

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