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Newcastle is officially in Tier 3: Here’s how this affects students

No more pub nights in 2020

It has just been announced that Newcastle has been put in Tier 3 following the easing of the lockdown on the 2nd December. Unfortunately, no more pub nights in 2020, RIP the dream of one last pint before you and your pals go home.

The rules for Tier 3 aren’t too different from the lockdown which is due to end next week, so at least there’s not much more to remember. But, it’s obviously not what we wanted, and will have a huge effect on the Christmas Newcastle students wanted before they went home.

  • You must not meet with anyone you don’t live with (or isn’t in your support bubble) inside or outside
  • You must not socialise with a group of more than six in some outdoor places – parks, beaches, public gardens or sports facilities
  • Hospitality settings are staying closed – including pubs, bars and restaurants – but can operate takeaways, or delivery (so a takeaway pint from Blanc it is)
  • Indoor entertainment to stay closed – cinemas, bowling alleys, casinos, theatres etc
  • Gyms can stay open but group sessions cannot take place
  • No public attendance at sports events
  • Avoid travelling to other parts of the UK if not necessary

These restrictions may stop us from celebrating the end of the first term like we usually do, but go grab yourself a takeaway and enjoy the last few days with your household before you go back to your family houses.

Although, this is not forever! Areas are subject to be moved to a different tier if the indicators improve, or get worse, and will be reviewed on the 16th of December.