Where to visit in Newcastle during lockdown

Desperate times call for desperate measures

In an ideal world, we Newcastle students would be spending our weekends abusing our livers and wallets in Market Shaker and Greys Club. However, since our good old friend Corona graced our lives, we’ve had to make some slight adjustments and think of new ways to satisfy our student needs. What can one possibly spend their university life doing with no possibility of clubs, pubs, and bars being open, you ask?

Thankfully we’re surrounded by so many amazing outdoor spaces that you can finally find the time to visit. If you’re more acquainted with the Soho toilets and Toon Takeaway, it’s time for you to venture out of your comfort zone and experience the hidden gems Newcastle has to offer.


I think all students can agree that the first port of call during these times would be an obvious trip to the beach. We are completely torn when it comes to deciding between Longsands Beach and King Edward’s Bay but either way you’re in for a treat. Whether you just fancy stretching your legs for the day or picking up the iconic Longsands fish and chips, you’re guaranteed an amazing day out.  It is amazing what an afternoon strolling along the North Sea can do for the mind. A beach trip should definitely be on your to-do list.

The Angel of the North

It is truly iconic, but who ordinarily has the time to actually drive and see the Angel of the North – all 20 metres of it – in all its glory? Not me, and presumably not you either. I think the closest most of us have come to being acquainted with the Angel itself was probably out of the car window when we ventured up to Newcastle in our first year. For all the lows that come with Corona, it’s reassuring to know that we can rely on a visit to a contemporary sculpture to lift our spirits! It’s not like we’d rather be causing havoc and drinking to oblivion on Grey Street.

Jesmond Dene

Jesmond Dene is the ideal Sunday activity. Grab yourself your hot drink of choice from your go-to cafe and embark on an incredibly wholesome afternoon walk to the Dene with your housemates. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous during these autumnal months, but it is also the prime spot to go and get your dog fix with the abundance of four-legged friends that visit there. I can confirm from personal experience that spotting several Labrador puppies on your walk can do wonders for the soul. Ideally, we would have the freedom to go home and actually see our own dogs for ourselves, but hey – every cloud, right?


When we think of the Quayside most of us think of sunny days, blue skies, and day drinking. We might be currently be faced with the lovely alternative of chillier days, grey clouds, and closed bars, but I guess we can take a stroll down the Quayside and reminisce on the days when we could actually drink in the pub. Ah, the good old days. At least we are able to appreciate the Quayside when sober and in all its glory, taking in the Newcastle landscape, and experience the classic “I love this city” moment.

Exhibition Park

Within easy reach of Jesmond, Exhibition Park is an aesthetically pleasing way to make the most of the autumnal days. An autumnal walk can really ease the pain of spending the whole day working through assignments that should have been completed weeks ago. It’s safe to say we’d all rather wash the day’s troubles down with a drink or two on Osborne Road, but it is what it is. Okay, I lie – we’d all rather be in the pub.

We would definitely all be lying if we said that we’d rather go on daily walks than go to the pub with our mates again, or better yet, go to our friend’s house without committing a crime. It is fair to say that we miss our usual university shenanigans, but if there’s one thing being in lockdown at Newcastle has taught us, it’s how amazing the Toon really is. It’s nice to know that behind all the excitement of uni life, there are always places to go when we fancy a break from it all.

I guess my parents were really onto something when they were more focused on the surroundings rather than the nearest pubs when I decided what uni to go to. Cheers Dad!

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