We asked freshers what their favourite thing about living in Newcastle is

Cheap drinks obviously!

Our freshers have had it hard this year. Nights out have been cut short by a 10pm bedtime and for what seems like the majority, weeks locked up in isolation has prevented so much exploration. God bless those who fell into the trap of buying fresher’s bands! Despite the limited experience freshers this year have had, here are some of the reasons why they’ve already fallen in love with the city.

Isobel, 18, English Literature 

“My favourite thing about Newcastle is the nights out with people.”

I couldn’t agree with you more girl x

Oren, 18, Economics

“The moors and the parks.”

We really do have it all!

Rebecca, 18, Engineering

“I like how the city and University are incorporated, meaning you feel at the middle of the city all the time, and you are close to everything you need.”

Ah, I miss shopping trips between lectures.

Jennifer, 18, Agriculture

“The city is very pretty and there are cows in the park next to us.”

And not forgetting the Ouseburn farm goats.

Daniel, 18, Theoretical Physics

“I like the nightlife, and how it’s not only on the weekend. There’s always a good atmosphere around no matter which night you go out on.”

There’s never a dull moment.

Rebecca, 18, Biomedical Sciences

“The city is really pretty and it’s great we can have a good night out with our flat despite COVID. North Terrace Pub is fab!”

If you don’t know, get to know.

Adam, 18, Medicine

“The cheap drinks, I like the Quayside Spoons and there’s lots of places to go.”

Trebs deals are unbeatable.

Charlotte, 18, Sociology 

“The best thing about Newcastle is definitely the people because they are really friendly and they’ve got really good banter. And, also the cheap nights out are banging, I mean who wouldn’t love a cheap night out.”

The best nights out are still yet to come!

Megan, 18, Psychology 


Fair enough.

Greg, 18, Folk and Traditional Music

“You can go to a really nice place and it’s still so affordable, places to eat, drink and socialise… and the Quayside!”

Newcastle really does have so much to offer. There’s no doubt the beautiful city has not only the best nightlife in the country, but is home to the friendliest people – what more could you possibly want?

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