Your guide to making the most of Halloween at home

Time to get spooky in your living room

It’s no surprise that this year Halloween won’t be the big night out in the Toon that it usually is. We guarantee you’ve all had a little cry over this. That doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and do nothing though! It’s so easy to have a great night in with your pals and still make it a Halloween to remember.

This year we’ve all had to accept that we’re not going to get a proper boogie anytime soon, but it’s time to turn the living room into a dance floor and pretend you’re at Swingers anyway. If you haven’t started decorating your entire house already, what are you waiting for?

Dressing up is a must

Whether you decide to go the traditional route and dress up as something scary, or your house has to be edgy and all coordinate based on a theme, you HAVE to dress up.

There are so many ways to choose your outfit. If you haven’t planned your outfit yet, then why not come up with a fun way of planning it with your housemates, for example, dress up as each other, or choose each other’s outfits. Either way, you’ll end up in fits of laughter at what each other is wearing.

Although, there’s nothing wrong with going classic as a devil or an angel; all you have to do is make sure to dress up, it’s not Halloween if you don’t!

Make some spooky cocktails

Picture this, it’s 2019 and you’re dancing the night away at your favourite Newcastle club with a drink in your hand. How amazing does that sound?

But what if you could have a boogie, and have a drink anyway? Especially if you make your own cocktails it’ll be half the price, and although it might not be the same, it’ll fill that treb-sized hole in your heart.

You could turn cocktail-making into part of the evening too! Make sure to stock up on plenty of bottles of vodka and the weirdest coloured mixers you can find so you can make your own versions of classic cocktails with a Halloween twist.

Have a scary movie marathon

It wouldn’t be a COVID-friendly Halloween without terrifying yourself watching horror films. Stick on the scariest thing you dare watch and settle in with your cocktails.

Whether you enjoy classics such as The Exorcist or The Blair Witch Project, or something a bit more modern, putting on a scary film is the easiest way to guarantee it feels like spooky season.

If watching a scary film isn’t enough by itself, why not turn it into a drinking game? Decide on rules with your house, whether you have to take a shot every time there’s a jump scare, or drink every time a character does something obviously stupid, a Halloween drinking game is absolutely going to make the film step up a notch.

Play some games

Remember as a child you’d play Halloween games at your friend’s party? Why not bring those games back?

What better excuse to bring back apple bobbing (only with your housemates though – gotta be responsible!) and pin the tail on the donkey, but no one said they can’t be drinking games! If your house is making Halloween a boozy evening, then why not turn your favourite games into a way to get drunk?

No one is stopping you from playing normal drinking games if making everything Halloween themed is a bit much for you. But, if this is you, you’re no fun, sorry. Embrace Halloween, it’s only one day a year, so everything must be themed.

Have a house party with your household

If you’re missing the tunes at Market Shaker this year, bring the tunes to you! Have a small party with your house and I’m sure you won’t be able to tell the difference between your living room and the dancefloor.

If you’ve followed everything in this article, your house will be decorated, you’ll look terrifying and you’ll all have some peng drinks so all you need is good tunes and you’re set. Everyone always says pres is the best part of the night so this year you can have an entire night of pres.

And the best bit? You’re already at home so when you’ve had enough, you’re two steps away from your bed, how could it be any better?

No one said Halloween this year can’t be as fun as any other year! Go get dressed and enjoy your night!

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