Newcastle students face expulsion if found to be breaking Covid rules

Students will be risking police investigation and potential expulsion from uni

Newcastle students found to be breaking Covid-19 rules are set to face repercussions from the universities. These include students potential expulsion for students who chose to ignore the safety restrictions worst.

Both Newcastle and Northumbria University have stated that they will be taking offences extremely seriously, following the local lockdown measures placed on the North East last Friday.

In the upcoming weeks, more than 55,000 students are set to return to Newcastle despite the local lockdown and rising number of Covid-19 cases in the North East region. The two universities have stated that they will be taking action against anyone breaking the rules, with the health of students, staff and city as a ‘top priority’ according to Northumbria University vice chancellor Andrew Wathey.

Newcastle University vice chancellor Professor Chris Day said: “They will be subject to Police investigation if it is serious enough, but it has been made very clear to them that they will also be subject to university disciplinary procedures. That can range from a small fine right through to expulsion.”

Professor Day also said that he is reluctant to close to the University as a whole, but parts may have to be temporarily shut if there is an outbreak of the virus once students have returned to campus.

Students in Newcastle are also facing fines of up to £10,000 from Police if found to be breaking the rules, following the announcement of increased Police presence in areas which have a high student population.

The lockdown-style rules put in place in Newcastle include:

• Table service only in bars and pubs

• Bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes to close at 10pm

• Delivery service only for takeaways after 10pm

• Households meeting with other households outside of social bubbles banned

• Restrictions on major events

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