Tips for making the most of Freshers’ Week 2020

Don’t worry, you can still get messy drunk with the Soho student deal like all the freshers before you

Hi fresher! The results are in and in a couple of weeks you’ll be on your way to the Toon for a long week of getting way too drunk on a series of messy nights out in an attempt to make some lasting friendships. You might be thinking: What will I do all week? How will I make any friends? Well, fear not fresher and listen up for some top tips on how to make the most of your first week at uni.

You can still go out

Yes, okay, the clubs might not be open but honestly, clubbing during Freshers’ Week is SO over rated anyway and there are plenty of bars open in both Jesmond and the city centre where you can still enjoy a pretty decent night out with your new flatmates.

Bars such as Soho and Bijoux are both offering treble deals for students, so don’t fret if you were looking forward to your first ever blue treb – you can still get your fix. Bars such as Market Shaker and Riverside have opened up outdoor areas, perfect for bevs in the sun and many bars now have DJs on the weekends. As well as this, Newcastle’s hugely popular clubbing event Utopiar has returned to Think Tank – it may be table seated but it’s about as close to clubbing as you can get.

Our most important top tip is to be savvy and book all the bars you want to go to in advance – although this takes the spontaneity out of the evening, it will mean you don’t end up going back to your halls early after being turned away from bars, which will inevitably happen to many freshers this year.

You can still snap a pic in that famous Shaker mirror!

Clubbing isn’t the only fun activity in the city

Although the Toon is well renowned for it’s nightlife, Newcastle has so many other activities to do that’ll help you get closer to new friends. Examples include going out for a meal, ghetto golf or bottomless brunch.

Or, if you’re feeling the effects of the night before and don’t want a drink, there are plenty of day trips easily accessible on the Metro such as Jesmond Dene, the Quayside or the Coast. They may not quite be as fun as a mad night out but they will help you become familiar with the city and feel more at home, as well as being great locations to have a photoshoot for the gram.

Flat nights in are your new best friend

When you think about it, a cute night in with your flatmates is actually a better way to get to know one another than clubbing would’ve been, as well as being much easier on your new student bank account! Get the wine in, order a takeaway and play some drinking games to break the ice and you’ll be besties in no time.

Perks of nights in are not having to dress up

 Get to know your neighbours

Although Boris has banned parties in uni halls, this doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your neighbours! The most important thing to remember is that everyone wants to make friends just as much as you do, so don’t be shy and invite your neighbouring flat round for drinks. This is also a great tip as it means that if you don’t get along with your flatmates or they aren’t very social, you will most likely find another flat that you gel with who live close by, so they can pop round whenever you feel a bit lonely!

Join all the group chats you can

Group chats will be essential in this years Freshers’ Week – whether it’s the group chat for your halls, your course or even societies you want to join when they can resume fully, being active in these chats will make it so easy to make friends without meeting them in person and you’ll be so thankful you joined them later down the line. Group chats are also super helpful when your lectures begin and your course is online, if you find yourself struggling you can always ask the help of your course mates and brainstorm together, as chances are they’re feeling exactly the same as you.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a Freshers’ Band

Freshers’ Bands are a waste of money at the best of times… the majority of freshers won’t end up attending half the events due to being too hungover. However, they’re an even bigger waste of money during the pandemic as the majority of events you’re paying for can’t take place until the clubs reopen. We can guarantee you: No matter how much fun you may think you will have, when you’re halfway through first year and the clubs reopen, you will regret attending the UV foam party rave you paid £50 for in September.

Overall, the main thing to remember during this years Freshers’ Week is that you can still have fun and make friends despite the social distancing regulations- just remember to be yourself and take every opportunity that you can. So, flares on, trebs poured, student card at the ready – prepare for a week to remember!

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