Bar Blanc is re-opening tomorrow!

Customers are told to expect a ‘different normal’

Jesmond’s Bar Blanc is reopening at 11am on Saturday 4th July, as reported on the bar’s social media pages.

In line with the government’s announcement last week that pubs, restaurants and hotels would be permitted to open this coming Saturday, Blanc has been making preparations to ensure that customers’ return to the bar will be as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

Although the Osborne Road stalwart has been open for delivery throughout the lockdown, tomorrow is the first time residents will be able to drink in the venue itself.

Predictably, measures are in place to ensure that the reopening goes ahead safely, with the bar acknowledging that customers should expect a “different normal” in pubs as the pandemic continues.

Bar Blanc told The Newcastle Tab that it will utilise a booking system with table service, while further preventative measures such as hand sanitiser stations, one-way systems and socially distanced table plans are also in place.

If you long for the glory days of sitting with a pint in your hand on Osborne Road, however, fear not: the bar has re-arranged its outside area to allow for this while still enabling social distancing.

While the “normal” may be changing, students in Jesmond eagerly anticipating the return of their favourite bars will be able to get their long-awaited fix from tomorrow.

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