This student made a Newcastle quiz for you and your mates to do when you miss the Toon

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Ciaran McCarville is a Newcastle Uni final year Geography student and he’s really taken one for the team by writing a quiz all about Newcastle for you to do with your mates. Virtually, of course. 

The quiz screams Newcastle students and if you close your eyes while you’re playing, you’ll begin to imagine yourself sat outside Blanc with a £2 Fosters in your hand. Then you’ll open them again, realise your still in lockdown and that you don’t know the answer to: “Which ex Geordie shore cast member is a frequent at Cosmic?”.

We caught up with Ciaran and asked him why he decided to spend his isolation reminiscing about uni and how the quiz has gone down with his mates. The quiz only took him two hours to write but it’s a really good one!

He said he’d been doing loads of quizzes during lockdown (haven’t we all) and decided there was no better theme for him and his mates than Newcastle – obviously. He said: “Me and my pals have a quarantine quiz group chat and we’d been doing virtual pub quizzes and one night I was drunk so decided to make it.”

When we asked him about the reception his quiz has received, he confirmed that it had gone down a treat with everyone. He told us: “Everyone that’s done it have loved it, even my family want to do it too. It’s nice because it’s a way we can all think about Newcastle and remember it without being there whilst learning some fun facts about the Toon too!”

He said he wanted to make the questions varied in topic and difficultly and that one of the hardesrt parts was making sure it wasn’t either too easy or too hard, stating: “I wanted to include every part of an average students life in Newcastle hence the theme of the rounds.

“They weren’t too hard to come up with but there were a lot of questions that were too obvious so I wanted to include challenging ones too.”

After all a quiz isn’t a good quiz if you get 100 per cent.

Once the quiz had gone down well with his friendship group, he decided to post on his Insta story offering it out to anyone else who fancies having a go. And now it’s your turn…

Round One – Newcastle General Knowledge

  1. To the nearest thousand how students are there living in Newcastle?
  2. How tall is Greys Monument (in m)?
  3. How many bridges are there on quayside?
  4. How many Greggs are there in Newcastle (town)?
  5. How many shops are there in the Metro Centre?
  6. How much is the student monthly metro pass zone A?
  7. How many buildings does Castle Leazes have?
  8. When did Geordie Shore first air on TV?
  9. Why was Jesmond on BBC News in March 2020?
  10. Which royal family member lived in Castle Leazes?

Round Two – Jesmond

  1. The Castro Giovanni is a burger at which restaurant?
  2. How many bars are there on Osborne Road?
  3. Which bar set on fire in 2019?
  4. Name the new steakhouse that opened next to Osbornes.
  5. How many metro stops are there from Jesmond to Tynemouth?
  6. How many secondary schools are there in Jesmond?
  7. Which days does Jesmond Tesco close early?
  8. How many burgers are on the Fat Hippo Menu?
  9. What is the average student rent in Jesmond and West Jesmond?
  10. Name all the 2 pound drinks at Blanc on a Tuesday.

Round Three – Newcastle Nightlife

  1. Name all of the nights at Greys Club?
  2. Name the Wetherspoons which is near the train station.
  3. How much is the treble deal at soho?
  4. Crucast, My Nu Leng and Mall Grab have all played at which Newcastle venue in 2019?
  5. Which ex Geordie shore cast member is a frequent at cosmic?
  6. Which club was in the news for a drug scandal in 2018?
  7. How much is entry to Feral after midnight?
  8. How many floors are there at Greys Club?
  9. Which Newcastle club smoking area has mural on the wall?
  10. True or false – Flares is free on a weekend.

Round Four – Is this building Posh or Poly?

  1. The Ellison Building
  2. The Claudia Gibb
  3. The Culture Lab
  4. The Lipman Building
  5. Frederick Douglass Centre
  6. Herschel Building
  7. The Squires Building
  8. Wolfson Building
  9. The Wynne Jones
  10. The Hadrian Building

Have a go with your mates and come soon for the answers article!