Dorothy Chirwa has been voted as the new NUSU president

The current officers announced the results via video

Dorothy Chirwa has been voted the newest President of Newcastle’s Students’ Union!

NUSU released a video to announce the results of this year’s elections, in lieu of the regular event the union put on. 

Chirwa beat out two other candidates, taking over as NUSU President from Katie Smyth.

Dorothy told The Newcastle Tab: “I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. It feels very weird at the moment but I can’t wait to start. Hopefully, we won’t be living in such a weird and unprecedented time.”

The rest of the full-time sabbatical officers for 2020/21 are:

Activities Officer – Hannah Finney

Athletic Union Officer – Benthe Tanghe

Education Officer – Sian Dickie

Editor of the Courier – Ella Williams

Postgraduate Officer – Charlotte Boulton

Welfare & Equality Officer – Nadia Ahmed

The new part-time officers are:

BAME Officer – Sohum Pandya

Disability Officer – Kate Bennetto

LGBT+ Officer – Ben Marshall

Chair of Council – Christopher Winter

Chair of Scrutiny – Jamie Hampton

Commuting Students’ Officer – Kieran Peel

Marginalised Genders Officer – Jennifer Mills

International Students’ Officer – Ali & Hussnain

Students with Faith or Belief Officer – William Hayes

Student Parents, Carers or Guardians Officer – Harriet Stanway-Gordon


3072 students voted in this election, meaning NUSU raised £1536 for their three chosen charities. 

Congratulations to all who won! We’re looking forward to seeing how this new set of representatives will improve our university in the coming year.