Enterprise Rent-a-Car have lowered age restrictions so students can drive home from uni

It’s so they aren’t stranded at uni during the coronavirus pandemic

Nationwide car rental company, Enterprise Rent-a-Car have announced that they will be reducing the minimum age requirements to hire one of their vehicles, in a bid to help students return home during the COVID-19 outbreak across the country.
The move comes after both Newcastle University and Northumbria University, as well as a number of universities across the country closed their doors for face-to-face teaching, in line with prevention strategy against coronavirus, which has been spreading across the country.
Acknowledging that many students will be returning home early to self-isolate as opposed to staying in university, the move makes this more accessible for student’s to be able to safely bring all their things home.
In a statement, the firm said that ‘in response to coronavirus (COVID-19), Enterprise wants to make it easier for students to get to their families by reducing the minimum age requirements and waiving one-way fees for rentals up to and including 31 May 2020’.
The one way fees can range between £30-£70 and with the minimum age usually being 25 to hire a vehicle, this will enable drivers from 18 and above to hire a vehicle.
More information can be found on the promotion here but Newcastle and Northumbria students can avail of the deal by contacting [email protected] or popping into their local branch, based in Newcastle Central Station.