‘Making the AU 4U’: Meet the 2020 Athletic Union candidates

Sport, sport and more sport

The Athletics Union Officer is responsible for all things university sport and fitness. They oversee things such as BUCS, amateur tournaments and uni gym memberships.

Whether you’re a first team football player or just enjoy having a kick about with your mates, having an AU Officer fighting for the change you want to see is important.

Voting opens on 16 March so we’ve rounded up the candidates, their main manifesto points and campaign videos to help you make your decision.


Katy Matthews

“Making the AU 4U”

Main manifesto points:

1. Offer monthly sports centre memberships

2. Nutrition advice for all student athletes

3. Set up a replacement Stan Calvert so we still get to experience the excitement of a varsity!

Campaign video:


Benthe Tanghe

“Vote 1# Benthe Tanghe for Athletic Union Officer to make Team Newcastle more inclusive, accessible and united”
Main manifesto points
1. Make team Newcastle and intramural sports more inclusive and more accessible
2. Create more awareness for the underexposed stress and workload that comes with being a student-athlete

3. Provide funding and support to get coaching courses for interested club members, which will not only help their club improve but provide future coaching opportunities

Campaign video:

Meet Benthe running for your NUSU AU Officer 2020

Meet your NUSU Student Elections candidatesMeet Benthe running for your NUSU AU Officer 2020Find out more and read their manifesto at https://www.nusu.co.uk/yourvoice/elections/#NUSUElections2020 #Areyou2020

Posted by Newcastle University Students' Union on Monday, 9 March 2020

Chris Baker

Basically my manifesto is aimed at providing clubs with equal opportunities to succeed and ensuring that money isn’t a barrier for participants

Main manifesto points:

1. Restructure the grant allocation to ensure funds get where they are needed most
2. Raise awareness of smaller clubs/ less well known clubs within the university
3. Introduce new payment options for gym membership
Campaign video: 

Em Walsh

“Sports and clubs have been a vital part of my time at university, and I aim to face problem areas, listen to the people, and develop the success of the AU so that all students can have that same feeling – to represent you, vote Em for AU.”

Main manifesto points: 

1. Reassessment of the financial distribution system to offer more extensive and balanced support to all clubs, with consideration of travel and equipment costs alongside success and participation

2. Setting up more easy to use communication and feedback systems to bring athletes, clubs, committees, and the AU closer together – starting with improving the role of welfare officers within clubs

3. Providing more exposure of sports on campus and increasing opportunities and encouragement for casual sport to be made available and accessible for all students

So why should you vote Em on the 16th March?My priority is YOU, the students, athletes, committees and clubs that make up our sport presence at Newcastle Uni. By listening to you and your needs (as well as my own experiences in clubs and committees), I've pulled out the areas that need improvement, and developed some great ideas to go towards making your AU better and more connected than ever. My inbox is ALWAYS open for any questions or thoughts about my manifesto and what I aim to do as your AU Officer!To represent YOU, vote Em for AU!#em4AU

Posted by Em Walsh #1 for AU Officer on Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Voting opens at midday on 16th March and closes at midday on 19th March. You can cast your votes for the Courier Editor and all the other sabbatical roles on the NUSU website here.