‘Anything that involves handcuffs’: It’s the final heat of the boys Fittest Fresher

Let us distract you from coronavirus for a while

Feeling down about our impending doom? Need something to take your mind off it for a little bit? Not to worry, The Newcastle Tab’s got you covered.

With heats one and two really hotting up, it’s finally time for the last lot of lads before the final.

Number One – Ollie Binks

“Lady on the streets, freak in the sheets”

From: London

Halls: Castle Leazes

Course: Spanish and Business

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Do you wanna come to mine and play Top Trumps?”

Perfect date: Pint at the Cosy Dove

Favourite night out: “Anything that starts with Market Shaker, ’cause I won’t remember much past that”

Relationship status: “Single and desperate for someone to slide into the DMs (literally anyone)”

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Number Two – Patrick McCann

“A confident, good-looking, kinky bloke”

From: Belfast

Halls: Castle Leazes

Course: Accounting and Finance

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Are you from Ireland? Because my penis is Dublin”

Perfect date idea: “Anything that involves handcuffs”

Favourite night out: Tup Tup or Blue Velvet (“if you know, you know”)

Relationship status: Open relationship

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Number Three – Ross Kirtland

“Saucy little minx”

From: Bradford

Halls: Castle Leazes

Course: Financial Computing with Economics

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Are you free tonight or will it cost me?”

Perfect date idea: “A candle-lit meat-free Monday, then onto Cosy Joe’s where I serenade you enough for biccies and cuddles back in Craster”

Favourite night out: “The Wednesday El Clásico: Soho, Flares, Market Shaker, Tup Tup”

Relationship status: Taken

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Number Four – Finn Sheehan

“A borderline alcoholic”

From: Yorkshire

Halls: Turner Court

Course: Sport and Exercise Science

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “I’d burn every chair in the world just so you could sit on my face”

Perfect date idea: Maccies breakfast

Favourite night out: Oops

Relationship Status: Single

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Number Five – Arman Banger

From: Surrey

Halls: Castle Leazes

Course: International Business

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Are you a chicken farmer? Because you certainly know how to raise a cock”

Perfect date: Nando’s

Favourite night out: Bijoux

Relationship status: Single

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All of the contestants were nominated and have agreed to be involved.