‘We’re not interested in seeing you in the toilet’: Five Swans defends CCTV in loos

It follows from some people’s complaints

Wetherspoons have spoken to The Newcastle Tab after CCTV cameras were spotted in the women’s toilets at the pub.

Their response comes after one female customer expressed her distress in seeing the cameras.

The Newcastle Tab spoke to Wetherspoon’s and they told us that “Wetherspoon does have CCTV in some of its toilets, they cover the hand wash area and allow you to see who is going into the cubicles.

“They don’t cover the urinals or inside the cubicles themselves.”

Wetherspoon said that they are installing CCTV equipment in all new and refurbished pubs.

There are around 40 Spoons toilets with CCTV in them.

The cameras have been specifically placed so that they can monitor the floor, not the cubicles, and are “there to prevent crime and disorder” according to  managers at the pub.

A manager at the pub told The Newcastle Chronicle that they didn’t want to see customers on the loo. They said: “‘There are no issues and we have not had any complaints. The contractor [who installed them] is happy with where they are placed.

“We are Wetherspoon’s, we are a big company, we are not interested in seeing you inside the toilet.”

The Information Commission Office sate that CCTV should only be used in private areas, such as toilets, in exceptional circumstances and used when dealing with serious concerns.

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