‘Single but too lazy to mingle’: The second lot of Fittest Fresher lads has arrived

From Leamington Spa to Stella Artois

We’re back with the second set of lads!

Any single ladies wanting to fall in love with an amnesiac or be destroyed at mini golf? This one’s for you.

Remember – you can still vote for both the boys and the girls in heat one, and voting for heat two has just opened too!



From: Kent

Halls: Castle Leazes

Course: Medicine

The best chat-up line I’ve ever used: “God said I could have a half-inch knob or a good memory… I don’t remember what I asked for”

Perfect date: Ghetto Golf

Favourite night out: Popworld on Christmas Day

Relationship statusSingle

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“He’s got a grin like a Cheshire Cat”

From: Leamington Spa

Halls: Castle Leazes

Course: Marine Biology

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Realistically, do you wanna waste £10 going to Tup Tup, or shall we go back to mine now?”

Perfect DateQuayside Spoons

Favourite night out: Every night

Relationship status: Single

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“Lives off fast food yet always in godly shape”

From: Beverley, Yorkshire

Halls: Portland Green

Course: Biomedical Science

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Give me your eBay username and I’ll slide in your DMs”

Perfect date: “I take pride in destroying girls at mini golf, then letting them drown their sorrows in cocktails and food afterwards”

Favourite night out: “Embarrass myself, order food, fall asleep cuddling said food”

Relationship status: “Single, but too lazy to mingle”

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“Just look at him”

“Just look at him”

From: Northern Ireland

Halls: Liberty Quay

Course: IT Management with Business

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Are you from Hogwarts? Because I’d love to Slytherin”

Perfect date£2 Stellas at Billabong on a Wednesday night

Favourite night out: MSA on a Thursday night

Relationship status: Single

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All of the contestants were nominated and have agreed to be involved.