You heard it here first: Grainger Market is the best place for student lunches in Newc

Tasty and affordable, yes please

Lunchtime can be hard, and although we all absolutely rate a meal deal, it definitely can get boring after a few days.

Grainger Market has had plenty of new food stalls open up and it’s made it a popular choice for uni students to get their scran in between lectures. You can thank us later…

Redheads Mac n Cheese

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Mac and cheese is always a classic option when you crave nothing more than some sweet carbs after your two hour lecture. A new addition to the market in September, after trading down by the Quayside market, a permanent shop was definitely the right choice. With a wide variety of toppings such as sticky ribs, chorizo and even a vegan option there is definitely something for everyone. Even though it’s slightly pricier than a meal deal it is definitely worth it.

Cost: Varied depending on toppings; Chorizo is £6.

Rating: 9/10


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Filling a hole in the Newcastle food market for traditional Greek food is Acropolis. They have a huge range of gyros, platters and loaded fries. Being £7 and over it is on the pricier side for lunch but oh-em-gee is it worth it. The wraps are HUGE, making it well worth your money by being filling and delicious.

Cost: Wraps are £7-7.50

Rating: 8.5/10

Pet Lamb Patisserie

Tucked into the corner of Grainger Market is a small unit selling the most incredible selection of cakes. Perhaps, giving too much choice.

Selections include; cupcakes, sponges, brownies and tray-bakes. All of which have are designed beautifully and are perfect for any sweet tooth craving you might have. A good sugar rush after a long session in the Marj.

Cost: Anything from £1.75 plus, depending on the cake.

Rating: 7/10



Snackwallah is one of a small number of all-vegan, Indian street food in Newcastle, serving different types of curry, sandwiches, deserts and chai tea. With daily specials at student friendly prices along with a “Yeah” or “Nah” daily poll board, Snackwallah is a great place to grab lunch for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Cost: Usually around £5 for the specials of the day, £2.50 for snacks and Chai tea

Rating 8/10

Dumpling and Bun

A resident at the Jesmond and Quayside markets, Dumpling and Bun serve six dumplings and a bun for £5, with fillings including; pork and cabbage and tofu and vegetable. They allow you to mix ‘n’ match on different dumplings so it’s a great way of trying new flavours and is really good value for money.

Cost: Four dumplings and a bun for £4, five dumplings and a bun for £6

Rating: 6/10 for a meal but 8.5/10 for a good snack