The boys are back! Vote for Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher round one

Time for the lads to shine


It’s that time of year again! You’ve spent the last month sending in all your nominations, we’ve spent the last month going through them all, and finally, the wait is over. Feast your eyes upon… Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher Round One – The Boys.

Number One  – Charlie Medforth

“The front face of Topman for Christmas.”

From: Yorkshire

Halls: Park View

Course: Biology

The best chat-up line I’ve ever used: “The word of the day is legs – let’s go back to mine and spread it”

Perfect date: Toon Takeaway cheesy chips and gravy, then back to mine to play Wii Sports

Favourite night out: DJ Trig in Flares followed by Soho Rooms

Relationship Status: Single

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Number Two  – Dylan Patsanza

“Freshers take two – loved it so much the first time, had to do it all over again”

From: Hertfordshire

Halls: Manor Bank

Course: Maths and Accounting

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Get your coat love, you’ve pulled”

Perfect date: Mini golf and drinks

Favourite night out: Jungle or a night at Market Shaker

Relationship status: Single

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Number Three – Killian Wyness

“If Geordie Shore was a really nice person”

From: Washington

Halls: Lives at home

Course: Biomedical Science

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: I don’t use them

Perfect date: Something fun like Ghetto Golf, a few drinks later ending up on a night out because who doesn’t love a sesh

Favourite night out: Persistence

Relationship status: Taken

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Numer Four – Luke Ammari

“Fire Insta”

From: Ashington

Halls: The Shield

Course: Medicine

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “Can I take your temperature? You’re looking hot today”

Perfect dateNando’s

Favourite night out: Utopia at Digi

Relationship status: Single

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Number Five  – Oli Badger

“Claims he looks like Harry Styles”

From: Manchester

Halls: Park View

Course: Economics and Business Management

The best pick-up line I’ve ever used: “I’ve heard you’re looking for a stud? Well, I’ve got the STD, all that’s needed is ‘u'”

Perfect date: Going to Comic-Con in cosplay

Favourite night out: One where I’m home by 12 – I’m here to study

Relationship status: ‘Whipped’

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All of the contestants were nominated and have agreed to be involved.