Newcastle Uni warn against travelling abroad during Easter holidays

It follows an email sent out to all students

Newcastle Uni have emailed students with official advice following the confirmed case of coronavirus in Newcastle.

As well as this, the university have advised those students considering travelling outside of the UK over the Easter period to follow the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice.

The email highlights worry that if students were not allowed re-entry to the country it could have a negative impact on their studies.

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The email contains information on self isolation and states that “there is no reason for students to self-isolate unless:

“You have been to a category one country within the last 14 days or if you have returned from a category two country/area in the last 14 days and developed symptoms such as cough or fever or shortness of breath.”

The email also refers to their university guidance page on the illness, which can be found here.

Which states that if a student needs to self-isolate, that the wellbeing service will be able to support them.

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