Some Newcastle students have started a ‘crisp wall’ in their house and want donations

Their landlord is on board with the idea


A house of Newcastle Uni students have started an online petition to get as many crisp packets posted to them in hopes of completing their “crisp wall” in their house.

The plea for empty packets was posted on Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange and has raked in the likes with people very keen to help them achieve their goal.

Nicholas Woollastoon who created the post, told The Newcastle Tab that the idea came from everyone in their house and their massive love of crisps. He said: “We were all procrastinating from doing our work in the kitchen one day and our house mate Emma thought it’d be a funny idea.

“It’s escalated and now we have over 60 different packets stuck on the wall with Blu Tack.”

He also told The Newcastle Tab that there is only one rule to the ‘crisp wall’. He stated that they: “Are not allowed to have two of the same flavour on the wall.”

This is where the idea for the post came from, they explained that they are finding it hard to get anymore variety hence their plea for help.

When asked, they told us that they were worried for their landlord to find out but discovered he was on board with the idea and saw the funny side. Nicholas said: “He’s the nicest landlord we’ve had, he thought it was funny and wants us to finish the wall by the end of the year.”