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NU Geography students have been given a two week dissertation extension due to the strikes

Tutors worry they won’t have enough support otherwise

Newcastle University Geography students have been granted a two week extension for their dissertation. This is due to the impact that tutors worry the upcoming UCU strikes will have on students.

The previous deadline was 5th March which falls in the third week of the planned strikes.

The new deadline will be Friday 20th March, just over two weeks after the original date.

Students received an email informing them of the change, indicating that the reason for the the deadline move was due to students not being able to receive help from their tutors.

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The email read: "We have not heard anything in terms of plans to change the forthcoming UCU strike action, so we have to presume that at least some of the dates will be going ahead. We will therefore be moving the GEO3099 Dissertation deadline to 12:00 NOON Friday 20th March.

"The reason for this is to ensure students do not lose out if they are delayed by being unable to receive advice from their mentors during the strike period. We do not expect that you should be looking for extensive advice at this stage, but we appreciate that certain questions may also be crucial in how you move on with and finish your dissertations. This extension adds just over 2 weeks, which we feel is sufficient to account for any time potentially lost by strike-related delays. We were keen not to extend into the final teaching week before Easter, as we want to make sure that there is time before the break for you to focus on your work on other third year modules."

The email, sent by the Rob Shaw, the Degree Programme Director, continued that other deadlines will not be moved in spite of striking lecturers.

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It stated: "Please note that we will not be cancelling teaching in the week of the 20th March, or moving other deadlines from that week. We expect that as you have been working towards the original March 5th date, the majority of you will not be doing extensive work on your dissertations in that period.

"On a personal level, I’d encourage you to continue to work to your current timeframes on the dissertation, so that you have the time and space to devote to your other modules in the final weeks before Easter. Please continue to contact mentors during the strike period with questions: not all staff will be striking, and those who are may be able to respond to messages on the non-strike dates (27th/28th Feb, 6th Mar). Obviously, striking staff may chose to not respond."

The strikes begin tomorrow (Thursday 19th February) and are set to last for 14 days across the next four weeks.

Have you been given extensions, consideration or adjusted teaching due to the strikes? Email us and let us know at [email protected].

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