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Newcastle Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Did you make the cut?

It's week two back in The Toon and we've rounded up some of the funniest pictures from the past week for this weeks Clubbers. Enjoy.

The two types of people on a night out

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Mood when your mate pulls and you don't

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Your response to going out despite having a 9am the following day

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When you get to the bar and the Jägerbombs are on offer

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Everyone as soon as Shania Twain comes on

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Seeing that "Don't keep your match waiting. Send him a message!" notification

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What is even going on here?

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"This is how that TikTok dance goes right?!"

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Having to tell your mate AGAIN not to drunk text their ex "wyd?"

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"This one goes out to the birthday girl, make some NoOiIsSsEe"

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Seeing that your loan has dropped

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Apparently the 'knee up' is the new pose for 2020?

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Can anyone see what she has her arms round?

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When your housemates tell you to turn your music down

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Why does this look like it should be an album cover?

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Photo Credit: Pout Newcastle – Alex Griffin., Oops Monday's – Rob Anderson., LoveDough Newcastle – Rob Anderson., Quids In Monday's – Alex Griffin., Swingers Newcastle – Aaron Shaquille Carlton., Rebel Thursday's – Max Cooper., Soho Rooms Newcastle – Max Cooper., Green House Disco Gardens – Sarah May., Rehab Newcastle – Max Cooper., Persistence Newcastle – Tup Tup Palace.