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Here are all the Valentine’s cards every student at Newcastle wants to get

Great to send to your library crush

Valentine's Day is here, and we wanted to provide you with a perfect way to show your partner how you feel about them in a way only Newcastle students can understand. Whether you give one to your library crush, slip one under your flat mates door, or you've got a particularly attractive neighbour you've been admiring from a distance. Show someone how much they mean to you this valentines with one of these cards.

1. The Robbo

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A match made in heaven

2. Armstrong building

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Terrible pun, but very romantic nonetheless

3. Shijo

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Perfect card to slide to your library crush on their lunch break

4. Metro ticket inspector

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An oldie but goldie chat up line

5. Monument

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Wow. I am blushing!

6. Heaton

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Love is about loving someone in spite of their flaws

7. Decapitated head statues

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"You spin my head right round, right round" – Flo Rida (2009)

8. Black flares

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The greatest declaration of love there is

9. Castle Leazes

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Perfect for your castle leazes crush to make them feel special

10. Whitley bay

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This would go well paired with a cute date to the beach

11. Greggs

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Save this one for someone special!

12. Munchies

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Now THAT is true love

13. Angel of the North

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Simple. Effective. Full Proof.

Now you are fully equipped to make the first move on that special someone. Good luck!