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This is which Newcastle club the winter Love Islanders would be

If it’s Sinners then you are a snake

You can tell what kind of person the Love Islanders are from the first episode. There are those that seem like your regular party goers like classic Geordie Rebecca and dancer Siannise, then there are those like Paige who screams classy cocktail with the girls.

Either way, every Love Islander in this winter edition has some quality to represent one of Newcastles best clubs or pub.

Finn – House of Smith

Finn looks like your typical lad who would go out and do what all us girls think lads get up to. Where else would it happen besides House of Smith? At 20 years old Finn is the ideal House of Smith character but would he make it a 'lads' night out or treat Paige to a couple of trebs? After all, he has caught the feels.

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Paige – Perdu

Firstly, the music is always so loud you can never hear the person you’re with and thank God, because Paige needs subtitles. But, more importantly, Paige is one of the most relatable girls in there and definitely one you’d want to take on a night out. Perdu is a classic which we've all been to and always had a laugh.

Nas – Soho

Soho is known for being an R&B club which we know Nas is all about. He has to provide the sauce and give it a mix, you know? Soho is perhaps one of the most popular clubs in the Toon, a bit like Nas is loved by everyone who seems to have watched this series (we will gloss over what he did to Demi but we wont forget). When you don't know where to go and the drinks are getting too pricey elsewhere, you know Soho will have your back, much like Nas does.

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Mike – Shark Club

Now, we know it isn’t a club but, Mike has famously been labelled as a shark in the villa so it just seemed fitting. Given the fact he’s a police officer, we’d like to think he goes down to his local pub with the guys to scran on some chicken wings instead of the local club.

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Jess – Tup Tup Palace

Jess, if you didn't know, despite her mentioning it every episode when she first went in there, is a hostess. Tup Tup is the home of the Newcastle hostess, we can just picture the sparklers as we speak. Jess is all about letting her hair down, giving it a bit of a twirl and having a good time, which is exactly what Tup Tup is all about.

Siannise – Flares

Everyone should be in agreement that flares is the cringe club we all love to hate, which was Siannise at the beginning of the show. She screams primary school teacher with her hyperness but we can't help but love her. If you’re ever struggling with where to go on a night out you know flares won’t let you down and let’s be honest, Siannise is that type of girl as well – always there when you need her.

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Shaughna- Popworld

Popworld is the mother of all clubs, much like Shaughna is the mam of the villa. She embeds everything that is Popworld.

Callum – Sinners

It says it all really. One of the maddest moves made in the villa was Callum leaving Shaughna for Molly so for that reason solely, Sinners seems like the perfect choice for him. Sinners is still somewhat of a guilty pleasure that you hate to love though – much like the fact we can't help but still fancy Callum.

Rebecca – Bijoux

She’s your basic Geordie girl that all the regulars in town know about. She’s out every weekend no doubt with the bottle of Cîroc on the table. Bijoux will forever attempt to be everyone’s favourite but, will always be the pre bar… sorry Becky.

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Ollie – Swingers

In all honesty, Swingers was made for our boy Ollie. He’ll typically be found the smoking area in his bucket hat on Thursday’s at Greys Club spending all daddy’s money. Think it’s definitely safe to say Ollie was representing the rah’s over in South Africa for the few days he was there.