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‘Want our money back’: We asked Newcastle students for their opinions about the upcoming strikes

Fair to say a lot are annoyed

For the second time this academic year, UCU have announced that there will be 14 days of lecturer strikes, beginning at the end of this month.

The strikes will take place on the following dates:

February: 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th

March: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th

As usual, it has not been revealed which lecturers are going to strike, in order to cause as much disruption as possible.

Some students are planning on striking in solidarity with their lecturers but it's fair to say the majority are pretty annoyed it's happening again.

We asked The Newcastle Tab Instagram followers for their opinions on the announcement of the strikes and here's a round up.

Some people are OUTRAGED

Alicia – "Want our money back"

Jack – "Communism"

Eleanor – "Rather my money pay staff on the frontline than pay for the Chancellor's holiday homes"

Jack – "Piss take. Every other industry they strike for a day or two. Why for five weeks?"

Henry – "RIP diss proposal"

Gabby – "How do I get a refund?"

Flora – "FFS"

Imogen – "I want all my money back"

Connor – "It's actually so unfair on those who have a diss deadline at the start of March"

Emma – "The fuck?"

Jess – "SU needs to get us free food"

Poppy – "Is this a joke?"

Ellie – "What a pain in the ass. They strike every year and nothing happens except we miss uni"


Gabby – "How do I get a refund"

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Some students are standing by lecturers

Abbie – "These strikes are so important; it could be you one day. Stand in solidarity with lecturers"

Lucy – "Sympathise with the lecturers but this being the 3rd strike in my time here, is it really the solution?"

Phoebe – "They're being treated like shit so I'm in support but also a bit nervous as I am paying a lot"

Zoe – "Fair enough, we pay so much £. The uni should pay lecturers more"

Paloma – "They really need to give these lecturers what they deserve and stop messing with degrees"

And some are just buzzing for a few weeks off tbh

Lydia – "Think I'll be booking a holiday"

Alex – "Buzzing tbh, I can book a holiday"

Adam – "Get in"

Ella – "Time off"

Will – "Good, more voices being heard and more lie ins for me"

Isabel – "Buzzing. I'm going skiing"