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Clubbers of the Week: First week back on The Toon

Exams are over and it’s time to party!

Exams are finally over, its the beginning of semester two and Newcastle students are ready to let loose; we've rounded up the brightest and the best of this week's club photos for the first instalment of this semesters clubbers of the week.

All we really want is someone to look at us like this guy looks at the camera

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Look at that smoulder

The three most common emotions of Uni students

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Lets party. I'm so stressed. I am the ONLY one who ever cleans in this house.

When you haven't had sex in a while and start dropping obvious hints

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Hopefully his technique is better than his pulling game

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Especially when VKs are so cheap

The new and improved pulling technique

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So much cheaper than the original wine and dine

Crawling home after one too many trebs

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Lollipops generally taste better without their wrappers but each to their own

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Think everyone in this photo has had enough for one evening

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When you've been in the club 20 minutes and are already think about your cheesy chips and bed

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Get me to Munchies ASAP

The male equivalent of holding your hair back while you're sick

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Cheeky bromance

That feeling when you open your exam results and realise you passed

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Photo Credits: Rob Anderson (Oops) Alex Griffin (Pout – Tuesdays at Eden), Kandi Island, Swingers Newcastle