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Which Christmas song are you based on the degree you study?

Please not The Twelve Days of Christmas

There are so many great Christmas songs, it can be hard to choose which one to listen to. Have you ever wondered which one you should pick based on your University degree? We can predict your go-to festive tune, and even say what you're like around the festive period.

Agriculture – O Christmas Tree

Your Christmas attire is a red boiler suit and your tractor is your prized procession. Who needs the stable in Bethlehem when you’ve got a whole field of animals back down South? Picking the biggest and best Christmas tree is definitely your favourite past-time. Christmas isn’t even a holiday for you, because there’s no resting on the farm.

Computer Science – Fairy Tale of New York

Accidentally a bit indie, you keep yourself to yourself and you’re probably a bit pessimistic. With long dark hair and glasses, you bare some resemblance to Shane Macgowan. Before the Christmas holidays, you could be found in The Cut, head banging to some Arctic Monkey's tunes. Whilst not a classic uni degree, you’re now absolutely necessary (much like the Pogue’s classic).

Drama and Theatre Studies – Carol of the bells

Very dramatic, so many layers and extremely extra. You know the words to every Christmas song, and have a dance choreographed for each. Before the break, you could be found carolling around Eldon Square. Everyone says you’re so loud and melodramatic, but it fits in perfectly with the Christmas season.

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Engineering – Driving Home for Christmas

The flat put you in charge of assembling the Christmas tree because: "You do engineering."

Unless you do the course, no one knows what engineering actually is, and assumes it's something to do with cars or bridges.

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English – Let it Snow

Classic, timeless and very basic. You’re probably a romantic, and Christmas is definitely your favourite time of the year. When you go back to London for Christmas, you stop denying those Made in Chelsea stereotypes and fully embrace them.

History – Last Christmas

It’s not the first time someone’s told you you’re living in the past. In both your uni studies and your personal life you struggle to live in the present. With virtually no lectures, history students are on Christmas break 365 days of the year. For some reason, you're always in the Robbo though (a bit like this song being one of the ones you hear being played everywhere).

Maths – Twelve Days of Christmas

Even at xmas, you can’t resist showing off your adding, multiplication and division skills. The Holiday countdown started last Christmas, and you’ve had your Christmas present budget set out months in advance. You’ve been given a rubix cube for Christmas at least five times, because learning is ALWAYS fun.

Media/Journalism – Jingle Bells

Simple and repetitive- just like your degree. It’s the same song you sung as a child, because let’s face it- your degree hasn’t really taught you much. On Christmas day, your family put you in charge of photography, because they think that's what you study.

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Medicine – We Three Kings

Wise, friendly and a little bit pretentious. The medics are quite cliquey (from what we hear), and have so much work, they're only seen once a year – much like the Three Kings. They use complicated words that no one understands, probably just to remind everyone that they're a "medic."

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Modern Languages – Feliz Navidad

You can spot the language student from a mile off when, 'Feliz Navidad' plays. You can't help but show off your multilingual skills, when everyone else barely knows the chorus. If you've come home from your year abroad, everyone will be sick of you chatting about it by the end of the holidays.

Politics – Santa Baby

You're a classic Newcastle Rah, and have a massive Christmas list, full of extravagant items. A new Mac book, a Mini Convertible and a ski trip to Italy isn't too much to ask? Everyone knows you're only happy when you're in charge of everything (including the flat Christmas dinner).

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Teaching – I Wish it could be Christmas Everyday

Wholesome, happy and a massive fan of everything festive. Instead of helping with Christmas dinner, you've been put in charge of decorations. You're a pro at paper chains, glittery snowflakes and homemade Christmas tree baubles.