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Every single thing that is guaranteed to happen at your uni house Christmas day

It’s the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year

The highlight of every student's year is Christmas. So much food and the perfect excuse to get drunk without having to go out in the freezing cold.

Every single house is bound to have the same Christmas, and if you say you don't, you're lying.

You'll all be wine drunk within an hour

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Ever called yourself a wine mum?

Well, Christmas is the perfect excuse to be wine drunk all night with your friends, and you'll all deffo be drunk before the food is even ready.

No doubt you'll take it too far and wake up the next day with the worst hangover. If not, did you even do Christmas right?

We bet some of you will take it that one step further and end up in Soho, still bloated from all the food.

You have to wear matching pyjamas – it's the law

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No house is complete without a matching set of pj's, bonus points if they're cheesy.

If you forget something for dinner, it means it's a walk of shame to Sainsbury's, especially if you all go together, but you love them anyway.

You're all bound to be wearing them everyday until Christmas, seeing as you all basically live in pj's anyway.

You'll also send each other Snapchats in them everyday because you miss your girls SO MUCH.

Secret santa is the most intense part of the day

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The essential for every house, it's just not Christmas without Secret Santa.

Your house either takes this task super seriously or you all ruin it within a day of handing out the names, there's no in between.

Either way, there's always one person who refuses to tell anyone who they've got and another asking everyone 24/7 for their name.

There's always one person who tries to show the others up by going way over budget and another idiot who forgets until it's too late and just fills a carrier bag with chocolate.

Cooking will be the most stressful experience ever

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At least once person in the house will have a weird diet, and you're bound to have a veggie or two.

Cook a quorn roast and a turkey at once? Good luck.

And let's not lie, you're going to forget at least one dish and have to rush cooking it.

Hats off to the person who takes charge and does most of the cooking, you're the true hero we don't deserve.

Better start cooking five hours before you want to eat, it'll take forever.

You'll be playing Tetris in the oven

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Ah, the people to oven ratio is never quite right.

Try cooking for five in an oven with two shelves, you'll suddenly become a master of Tetris.

Somehow, everything ends up fitting but it'll take you ages to work out how to do it.

Is it Christmas without playing games?

Whether it's charades or the post it note on your forehead game, it's a Christmas must to play a few rounds of a game.

Someone always takes it far too seriously, especially if they've had a bev or two. Someone else never understands the really simple rules and sucks out all the fun by making you explain it ten times over.

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You'll enter a food coma and decide to watch Elf or some other Christmas classic

By the time you've finished playing games it's pretty late and everyone will definitely be tired, so a film is the obvious answer.

You'll argue about which one to watch, especially in a mixed house when the girls really want to watch Love Actually but the lads are just way to cool for that.

Someone will deffo fall asleep whilst watching said film

Within half an hour, someone will be asleep in the corner of the room, half from the food and half from the bottles of prosecco and wine you've all gone through.