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We can guess who you played in the Nativity based on your fave Newcastle nightclub

If you were Joseph you are probably a rah.

Mary – Flares

You schedule your nights out for a once a week and you never leave an essay till the last minute. A cheeky G&T with the girls is probably enough for you but you allow yourself one night of S Club 7 and a cheap VK. You were a perfectionist in the role of Mary and that has carried you through to uni.

Star – Digi

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One word. Basic.

You wear boob tubes and flares and you're obsessed with the entirety of the Newcastle rugby team. Still relieving Freshers' you just can’t stop yourself from gravitating towards a Digi night out even if it is literally no where near were you live anymore.

Joseph – Swingers

Your dad probably gave your teacher a tenner so you could play Joseph because he knew you would not settle for anything less.

You have always cruised through life without a care in the world and it somehow manages to always work out. Everyone secretly hates how naturally everything comes to you. You can always be spotted in Greys Club on a Thursday in the smoking area of Swingers (probably wearing a bucket hat) but don't tell mummy and daddy because you are still a golden child in their eyes.

Angel – Tup Tup Palace

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Not so angelic anymore.

You probably do English and you are as quiet as a mouse during uni but when Tuesday comes around and those tunes come out you just can’t stop yourself from twerking the night away. A night out with you includes endless drinks and out there moves. You love nothing more than a good old boogie. But when the morning comes it is all forgotten and you go back to being plain Jane.

Shepherds – MSA

Reliable. Understated.

You don't know just how good you really are. The Shepherd isn't all singing and all dancing in the nativity but they get the job done. Chilled and laid back and always up for a good time. You are never ever stressed and never in the library but still always manage to do well.

Narrator – Soho

Good old Soho.

You were the backbone of the nativity and now the backbone of a night out. People may mock Soho but you know in your heart of hearts they will all be begging to join you when everywhere else is dead and the trebs are too expensive.

Wise Men – House of Smith

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You knew all the words to 'We Three Kings' and told everyone you were a descent of baby Jesus himself. Your parents got your costume hand made and you most definitely shop at Waitrose. From frankincense in the nativity play, to drinks in House of Smith, you continue to live a life a luxury.

Random – The Cut

Lobster number 2? The tree?

Being at uni you have fully found your tribe and you cannot miss going to Rebel Thursdays at The Cut. Your character may not have made any sense or served any purpose to your schools production of the nativity, but that doesn’t matter because you added charm.