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How to be a Newcastle fashion king or queen while doing your bit for the planet

Because sustainable shopping is cool af

Alright people, it's time to start actually caring for the planet. Too much of the clothing we buy is mass produced and contributes to the global waste crisis of fast fashion, which not only exploits underpaid workers but is environmentally dangerous. And we need to stop.

Here's some super easy ways how while still keeping to a student budget and keeping up with the fashionable reputation Newcastle Uni has.

Charity shops

Once you know where to shop, you can acquire many a wavy garm in the dozens of brilliant charity shops Newcastle has to offer. Don't turn your nose up because it's not all just naff old granny clothes that you may think.

Pretty often you can find barely worn items for an excellent bargain and can come across designer items for next to nothing if you're patient and keep thrifting. Whether it's a new fleece, a winter coat or a Missguided dress, it is super easy to get a new outfit for next to nothing while supporting vital charities.

Heads up all you rahs and wannabes! Here I am pictured in an oversized quarter zip fleece (£3) and skinny flares (£2) from Cancer research. £5 for a full Newcastle outfit!

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Depop and Vinted

While there's many apps that allow you buy and sell clothes and accessories, these two seem to be the most popular for young people.

Easily accessible from the tip of your fingers, reselling unwanted items and in turn reducing fast fashion waste has never been easier. Top tip: before you go to buy an item online, search it on Depop. Chances are someone is selling the exact same item for a lot cheaper. And hey, the more items you sell, the more blue trebs you fund.

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Sharing is caring

There's no end to nights out in the Toon and let's face it, at this stage of the year none of us can afford to break the bank for a whole new wardrobe of going out garms. Solution? Swap and share with your housemates and friends! That same skirt can be styled so many ways for different people and swapping clothes will save you money whilst getting to model your mate's clothes.

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Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange

Probably the most useful Facebook page for Newc students to be reunited with lost items and buy and sell tickets for events can also be used to sell clothes and shoes.

It's a brilliant and completely free way to reach a large number of students on a social media platform and even better, no need to pay for postage when you can simply meet them on campus!

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Vintage Stores

And finally, here we have a ravy wavy 90's babies favourite. Care to want to look original (while also looking like 70% of the Newcastle student population)? Head down to some vintage stores in town.

Some of these gems are well hidden, but one stand out is Retro, located down the side street behind Market Shaker. Full of American sweaters, trench coats, vintage football shirts and much, much more, this store is a thrifter's dream.

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