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A petition to change Newcastle Uni policy on convicted stalkers reaches 900 signatures

It’s aiming to make a difference on campus


A petition has been launched demanding that Newcastle University remove students convicted of stalking from campus.

This comes after it was revealed that Jefferson Young, a convicted stalker, was allowed to remain on campus and also register on a Postgraduate course.

His victim was Amy*, a Newcastle University student, and she is calling for change in the way future stalking cases are handled. She wants to prioritise the safety of all students.

Amy told The Newcastle Tab: "I worry that due to stalker re-offending rates being so high, that I, along with other students on campus, are not safe here."

The petition can be found here and currently has more than 900 signatures.

Students, staff and members of the public are being encouraged to sign in order to make a change to the way stalking situations are dealt with on campus.

The petition calls for Jefferson Young to be removed from campus and also for changes in the disciplinary procedures for sexual and domestic violence and also in the sanction system to ensure that this situation doesn't happen again to another student.

The petition description reads: "The university are choosing their image and the profit of another student over protecting the safety of the students they swear they care so much about. This cannot go on."

The hashtags #shameonnewcastle and #getjeffout have been seen on social media platforms in response to the situation.

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The Newcastle Tab spoke to, Georgia Corbett, President of the It Happens Here society who told us they are doing everything they can to support the victim. She said: "It Happens Here stand in full solidarity with Amy and all survivors failed by this University with regards to keeping students safe.

"It Happens Here Newcastle demands action is taken by the University to ensure Jefferson Young’s removal from campus. Changes are desperately needed to prevent this ever happening again.

"As pointed out by the Vice Chancellor, this is a "Warwick" situation, another University failing survivors, protecting perpetrators at huge cost to their victims and betraying the survivors for their own image. This cannot go on; we cannot allow it. It is here. Right on our own campus."

*Amy's name has been changed to protect her identity.