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We asked Newcastle students the weirdest way someone has tried to pull them in a club

Some VERY questionable tactics going on here

I'm sure we've all got a story or two to tell about a "romantic" club experience. It seems many people use some strange tactics to pull, with no achievable goal in sight. What goes through someone's head to think that these will work?

We asked Newcastle students what their weirdest experiences were.

A wild tactic from start to finish

I was out in Eden and guy who I assume was on a social, because he was in fancy dress, came up to me and my friends. We thought nothing of it and he started dancing with us for a while. He put his visor on my head, and I ignored it and carried on dancing. He decided that it was a great idea to put a medal he was wearing around my neck and tried to lead me away like a dog, not sure what he was aiming for but it sure didn't work.

Bringing a feather to Soho is obviously an essential

I was with my housemates in Soho and this guy in a suit came over to me produced a feather from his inside pocket. He proceeded to dance around our group, tickling all the girl's faces with said feather for a good ten minutes. All round uncomfortable and weird experience, would not recommend.

Insulting girls definitely works

A guy started chatting to me and was asking all the usual questions, what's your name, what do you study etc. All pretty normal stuff, but then he asked where I go to uni so I obviously said Newcastle. He said, "You look like you go to Northumbria" and then walked away. If he thought I was from Northumbria, why did he even start the conversation, like what was he aiming for?

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Treat them mean to keep them keen

I was dancing with some guy who told me that I've got the best smile ever, but that was the only thing going for me. Kinder words have never been said, to be honest, not sure why I didn't fall in love with him right then and there?

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The best way to a girl's heart is through your mum, of course

Innocently dancing the night away in Flares, when an older woman came up to me. Straight away she tried to set me up with her son, who was stood a few feet away from her. He genuinely seemed up for it, and looked so confused when I made it clear I wasn't. I've never felt so awkward, I mean, who goes clubbing with their mum, and then who uses her to get girls?

Always time for a quick cuddle

I was minding my own business in the Dog and Parrot, bear in mind there was no music playing, when a girl locked eyes with me and started dancing towards me. She came over and asked me if I wanted to cuddle, seemed so innocent but it was just so strange it took me a moment to work out what had just happened.

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