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43 per cent of students in Newcastle are planning to vote Labour, according to our poll

Newcastle currently has a Labour MP

In a recent snap election survey conducted by The Tab, we asked you who you were intending to vote on in next month's election.

The results show that 43.14 per cent of students who responded are intending on voting Labour.

Next up was 24.51 per cent for the Liberal Democrats, 21.57 per cent for the Conservative Party, followed by 3.92 per cent for the Green Party and 0.98 per cent for the Brexit Party.

Whilst Newcastle Central holds a clear Labour majority in terms of voter behaviour, it is interesting to assess the intentions of students.

Newcastle lies pretty central in the overall results of the survey. Sussex University came through as having the most student Labour voters at 68% whilst Aberdeen were down at the bottom with just 18.18% of students saying they're going to back Corbyn, closely followed by Cambridge.

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The deadline for registration for a postal vote is today (November 21st) and the general deadline is 26th November.

Over 600,000 students have already registered to vote since the snap election was called.

In the great words of Brenda from Bristol, who swept the internet by storm in the last general election, "you're joking – not another one".

We want to hear more from you! Are you voting at home, or at university? Let us know on our Instagram page!

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