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Watch: Video footage of the Newcastle student shouting ‘I hate n*****s’

He also says ‘I fucking hate gay pikeys’

Yesterday, The Newcastle Tab reported on a video that was posted on a student's Instagram story of a Newcastle University student chanting racial slurs.

In the video you see one boy holding a microphone and shouting these phrases: "I fucking hate n****s", "I fucking hate pikeys" and "you fucking gay pikey."

Those around him in the video do not chant along with the boy and appear shocked at his remarks.

The man shouting into the microphone can be heard saying "I f*cking hate [you]" and the person filming puts up his middle finger.

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The people in the video have been identified to be wearing Newcastle University hockey club ties.

The Newcastle Tab approached the man in the video and he stated he did not want to comment while the incident was being handled by the university.

The Newcastle University Men's Hockey Club told The Newcastle Tab: "The situation is being dealt with seriously by the university and the Union.

"We leave the situation to be dealt with accordingly to protocols and procedures put in place for such matters."

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When approached for comment, Newcastle University stated that they were taking the situation very seriously and said: "There is no place for racism or racial harassment of any kind at Newcastle University and we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all our students and staff.

"We are appalled by the language used in this video and are actively investigating."