‘We heard him scream’: We spoke to the boys behind the Castle Leazes pig head prank

There was pigs blood in his bed

Yesterday, The Newcastle Tab released footage of a pig’s head in a communal bathroom in Castle Leazes.

The Tab can now reveal the two freshers’ that were behind the prank: Geography student Dan and Jasper, a Business Management student.

We have obtained a series of new photos and videos which can be seen on The Newcastle Tab Instagram story.

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When speaking to the boys about their intentions behind the trick, they told us that their original plan involved a duck rather than a pig. They wanted to “put a duck in our mates room to mess with him.” Adding: “We went on various occasions to try and hunt for a duck in the park but it wasn’t successful.”

They saw the pig’s head in Grainger Market and came up with a plan to put that in their friends room instead.

Dan posted the plan and a series of photos on his private Instagram account once it was complete.

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The method took the form of five ‘phases’ which the boys followed closely to execute their ‘prank’. The caption confirmed that everything had gone to plan. It read: “Worked like clockwork, all aspects of the plan executed to perfection”.

It revealed that they were planning to get a third party to take the victim out of the room for “a good 15 minutes” so they could set up. They also planted cameras around the room to try and catch the poor lad’s reaction.

They explained how the cameras didn’t work: “We heard him scream, and he ran out of his room and we were all there. He then chucked it in his mates room next door who’s reaction was basically the same.”

As well as the head in the bed, they left pig trotters outside his bedroom door.

Jasper, the other perpetrator, confirmed the same version of events as Dan. He said they just felt like they had to do it when they saw the meat stand in Grainger Market.

He told The Tab: “Our mate is a good person to mess with so me and Dan were walking through Grainger Market and saw a pig’s head and a pig’s foot for £1 so we couldn’t resist.”

When talking about the reaction of his mate, Jasper said that he wasn’t best pleased and “he said he felt really sick and he was kind of annoyed because there was pig’s blood on his bed”.

The boys aren’t sure how it later made its way into the communal showers. They said: “our mate moved the head next door and then it just hopped around Bayles House but we’re not actually sure who did that”.