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A pig’s head was left in someones bed in Castle Leazes

A whole new meaning to pigs in blankets

Christmas came early this year in Castle Leazes, when a pig’s head was found in a student’s bed.

The real head was found in an unknown student’s bed in Bayles Hall, Castle Leazes, before being moved to the girl's communal bathroom, on a lower floor.

In a video sent to the Newcastle Tab, the bloody head can be seen dumped in a shower cubicle.

The full clip can be seen on The Newcastle Tab Instagram story.

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One student told The Newcastle Tab that there were other parts of the pig around the halls too. They said: "It’s so gross. It got put in a guy’s bed then he put it in the shower. The trotters were outside the main door".

Another student joked that: "It’s more creative than taking a traffic cone home."

Whilst someone else played on the fact that that Castle Leazes isn’t the cleanest at the best of times, saying: "The showers probably didn’t smell much different to usual".

Do you have any information about why or how this pig's head ended up in some poor fresher's bed? Or any more photos of the incident? Get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram.