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Hadrian’s Tipi is BACK and here’s why it’s the best place to get ready for Christmas

Boy are we excited!

Hadrian's Tipi, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting before, consists of a number of pop up tents with seating and heating and of course, bevs.

It's located at Stack and just adds another dimension to the place we all already love.

The infamous fairy lights and mulled wine have returned to the Toon for winter 2019 and we are here for it!

Here are some of the reasons why it's the best place to visit on the run up to Christmas:

It has all the festive beverages you could ever want

From mulled wine and cider to Bailey's hot chocolate, their selection of festive tipples is enough to get any scrooge singing to Mariah Carey.

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It is the perfect place for the best Instagram shot

With huge fire pits and beer barrel tables all tied together with an abundance of fairy lights and festive garlands it really does give off those cosy vibes. So even you go just for a cheeky Instagram, it will be worth it.

It's only open for a certain amount of time!

Don’t cut yourself short and get FOMO. The Tipi is only open until New Year’s Eve. That means you can totally justify skipping the library with a cheeky festive drink because it's only open this time of year.

It even has a photo booth

Who doesn’t love a cheeky photo booth? Hadrian’s Tipi owns its very own selfie booth so you can snap away after a few too many mulled wines. It also offers flattering filters so no need to worry about that post beverage glow.

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They offer festive parties

You can even hire part of the Tipi out to host all the Christmas parties for you and your friends to make it extra special. It offers the chance for people to use the festive vibes for their own occasions – unreal.

It’s named after a Roman Emperor

Pretty cool that there's reasoning behind it's name! In 122AD Hadrian, the Roman Emperor, built a wall in the North. When he was on the road he would travel in 'tipi' like tents, hence the name. Hadrian’s Tipi has links to the North East and Roman Emperor’s, now that sounds pretty cool.

It's dog friendly

If you're lucky enough to have your dog come and visit you at uni or you just want to see some dogs, don't worry because just like Stack everyone is welcome to join in with the festivities!

It’s great for big groups

Though it is only small there are huge long benches around a big fire pit and lots of cosy corners, making it a great spot to meet up with your pals and forget about uni deadlines for a while. The seating makes it really easy to chat in a huge groups and makes it a great alternative to the pub for this festive season.

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