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The seven people you’ll see at every Jesmond Halloween house party this year

I’m a mouse, duh!

What are you more upset about, Brexit being delayed or the fact that you wont be partying in Ooooooouuuuuuuseburn this Halloween?

Here's just a few of the people that you will probably encounter at Halloween parties in The Toon.

The one on the budget

Effort level: 0-2.

This person has run around their housemates’ rooms on the afternoon of Halloween asking if “anyone has ANYTHING I can borrow”, they’ve mixed everything that they were given and, voila! Crap outfit, but thanks for coming anyway.

You'll find this person at Blanc on Tuesday with a £2 pint in their hand – they really do love a good cheap deal.

The all out

Effort level: 10.

To be fair to this person, they’ve spent weeks planning, curating and even practicing this outfit for the evening, so much so that it does actually look good and scary. They've ventured further than Jesmond and Amazon for a good Halloween outfit. They’ve got clothes, makeup and even props to complete the look and secretly you do kinda wish that this admirable effort had been made by you.

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The …what?

Effort level: 6.

This person spends all night explaining what they’ve come as. And although it may have been funny (they’ve been convincing themselves all evening that, yes, it IS still funny) maybe their outfit wasn’t actually worth it… They were only there for the boos anyway!

They actually have put a lot of thought into this outfit and although you may not have found it funny, and you did do a pity laugh when they explained what they came as, at least they tried. A* for effort.

The half-hearted

Effort level: 4.

The alternative to the … what? Is the absolutely and completely random outfit – it’s a very half hearted look because they wanted to do something but didn’t quite have the time or effort… sound familiar? This is also often a leftover (and completely irrelevant) costume that they’ve decided “would do”. You'll probably find this person in Swingers every Thursday, no doubt in their trackies too.

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The (half-hearted) 3 blind mice

The cllaaaaaasic

Effort level: 4.

You are this if you’ve come as: witch, ghost, sexy cat (sexy anything really). This person has probably looked up 'good, original halloween costumes' about five times this week and yet again, resulted in what they wore last year. They, too are just looking for a chance to dress up.

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ooooo cuff me

The ones who wanted an Instagram out of the evening

Effort level: 5.

These people are at the party for one reason and one reason only: photos. #squadghouls ? They’ll spend what feels like eternity in a room with like-minded Instagrammers just trying to get that perfect shot. Again, to be fair to them they do probably look quite good, but, cats aren’t really that scary are they…?

The funny one

Effort level: 7.

This one is, unlike “the … what?” has created a successfully funny outfit which has actually gone down well with the crowd. Ultimately, you'll want to be this one at the party.

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A fresher and her shark

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